Tamworth, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Him

Latitude: -31.1063157, Longitude: 150.9307341


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELL Alexander James  1905Tamworth, NSW, Australia I2259
2 BELL Eileen Isabella  1903Tamworth, NSW, Australia I2258
3 BELL Elsie Doreen  1909Tamworth, NSW, Australia I2260
4 CROTTY Arthur Bratten  1879Tamworth, NSW, Australia I2959
5 DAWSON Benjamin A (Sonnie)  c Apr 1890Tamworth, NSW, Australia I5655
6 DAWSON Mary Garner Ann  1 Jul 1880Tamworth, NSW, Australia I5601
7 DE COURCY Annie Kathleen  1908Tamworth, NSW, Australia I4531
8 GILLIES Elsie Isabel  1907Tamworth, NSW, Australia I7544
9 HARTIGAN Harold E  1907Tamworth, NSW, Australia I9734
10 MORRISON Mona  1911Tamworth, NSW, Australia I7918
11 PRESLAND Clifford John  31 Jul 1915Tamworth, NSW, Australia I5682
12 RAMPLING Sophia  13 Jan 1865Tamworth, NSW, Australia I3920
13 TAYLOR William Geoff  1910Tamworth, NSW, Australia I9233
14 WATSON Elizabeth Mary  1877Tamworth, NSW, Australia I675
15 WILSON Peter Ronald  6 MayTamworth, NSW, Australia I3411
16 WILSON Roslyne Anne  23 OctTamworth, NSW, Australia I3410


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATTERHAM Harold Charles  9 Sep 1964Tamworth, NSW, Australia I5092
2 BELL Reuben Alexander  23 Jan 1961Tamworth, NSW, Australia I1937
3 BRENNAN Ellen Mary (Nell)  23 Jun 1972Tamworth, NSW, Australia I5995
4 COCHRANE Doreen Marjory  1972Tamworth, NSW, Australia I257
5 CRUMP Joseph William  1969Tamworth, NSW, Australia I4472
6 DAWSON Benjamin  16 Mar 1890Tamworth, NSW, Australia I1141
7 DAWSON Benjamin A (Sonnie)  25 Mar 1891Tamworth, NSW, Australia I5655
8 DAWSON Joseph Benjamin  27 Jul 1929Tamworth, NSW, Australia I1156
9 DAWSON Reuben  7 Mar 1913Tamworth, NSW, Australia I454
10 EGAN Patrick Thomas  31 Dec 1929Tamworth, NSW, Australia I4651
11 FENTON Coral Lurline  18 Jul 2000Tamworth, NSW, Australia I5646
12 FLANNERY John Keith (Paddy)  Tamworth, NSW, Australia I7287
13 FLOOD Clement James  1971Tamworth, NSW, Australia I330
14 HAGAN Mary Elizabeth  18 Aug 1917Tamworth, NSW, Australia I2960
15 HARTIGAN Cecil  1960Tamworth, NSW, Australia I3816
16 HARTIGAN Stanley George  1973Tamworth, NSW, Australia I3814
17 HOLT Elizabeth Darling  9 Aug 1945Tamworth, NSW, Australia I7174
18 HOOKER Gordon Kenneth  21 Jul 1994Tamworth, NSW, Australia I8217
19 HYMAN Robert Eric  30 Sep 2006Tamworth, NSW, Australia I2748
20 KERR Susan  1950Tamworth, NSW, Australia I545
21 KLEINSCHAFER Olga Merle  27 Jan 1963Tamworth, NSW, Australia I4181
22 LENNON Pearl (Gypsie)  28 Apr 1971Tamworth, NSW, Australia I2886
23 MAGUIRE Bridget Agnes  2 Feb 1949Tamworth, NSW, Australia I10672
24 MORLEY William Francis  Sep 1940Tamworth, NSW, Australia I559
25 MURRAY Anastasia Maurice  28 Mar 1969Tamworth, NSW, Australia I8303
26 MURRAY John Edward  5 Apr 1962Tamworth, NSW, Australia I4657
27 MURRAY William Michael  1957Tamworth, NSW, Australia I7035
28 NELSON Joyce Olive  29 Dec 2008Tamworth, NSW, Australia I1787
29 RYAN Arthur Ambrose  24 Jul 1964Tamworth, NSW, Australia I3893
30 RYAN James Aloysius  21 Mar 1968Tamworth, NSW, Australia I6669
31 SCHWILK Ellen Eliza  20 May 1991Tamworth, NSW, Australia I4823
32 SCRIBNER William H  18 Oct 1976Tamworth, NSW, Australia I405
33 SCRIBNER William John (Bill)  15 Feb 1934Tamworth, NSW, Australia I2887
34 TAGGART Alexander Charles  2 May 1956Tamworth, NSW, Australia I1127
35 TAYLOR Ellen Ada  12 May 1939Tamworth, NSW, Australia I3805
36 TAYLOR Leslie  16 Jul 1961Tamworth, NSW, Australia I3804
37 TOBIN Hanora Annie  1937Tamworth, NSW, Australia I4914
38 VOSS Mary J  1914Tamworth, NSW, Australia I2987
39 WILLIAMS Bridget  1950Tamworth, NSW, Australia I4452


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DAWSON Benjamin  Mar 1890Tamworth, NSW, Australia I1141
2 KLEINSCHAFER Olga Merle  Tamworth, NSW, Australia I4181
3 PULLEN Joseph Francis Henry  Tamworth, NSW, Australia I2714


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 COOPER Florence Jean  1950Tamworth, NSW, Australia I4670
2 MOORE Charlotte  1941Tamworth, NSW, Australia I3975
3 MORLEY Donald Bruce  1940Tamworth, NSW, Australia I8632


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DAWSON / TAYLOR  1913Tamworth, NSW, Australia F829
2 FERRIS / WATSON  1904Tamworth, NSW, Australia F2808
3 GIBBS / MURRAY  1945Tamworth, NSW, Australia F5723
4 MORLEY / GILLIES  1930Tamworth, NSW, Australia F3628
5 NETTLE / MOORE  1932Tamworth, NSW, Australia F1345
6 PULLEN / KLEINSCHAFER  20 May 1940Tamworth, NSW, Australia F2008
7 RYAN / HOOPER  1952Tamworth, NSW, Australia F6065
8 SCHEEF / MCKINLAY  1922Tamworth, NSW, Australia F757
9 SCRIBNER / WALTERS  1909Tamworth, NSW, Australia F286
10 STACE / MURRAY  1946Tamworth, NSW, Australia F5722
11 TAYLOR / PULLEN  19 May 1962Tamworth, NSW, Australia F5523