Hillgrove, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Him

Location : Latitude: -30.5697964, Longitude: 151.9045825


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELL Robert James  1891Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2245
2 BRENNAN Gladys Thelma  20 Nov 1901Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I6027
3 BRENNAN Hilda Josephine  1905Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I6028
4 BRENNAN John Harold (Ginger Jack)  1903Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I6026
5 BRENNAN Norman Vincent (Barney)  6 May 1907Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I6597
6 BULLEN Edna Hazel  7 Feb 1912Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1119
7 CAMERON Alexander James (Jim)  1910Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I10334
8 CAMERON Beryl I  1909Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I10333
9 CAMERON Thelma  1909Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I10332
10 DAWSON Cecil E  1893Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I718
11 DAWSON Charlotte Ruth  1901Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I722
12 DAWSON David Daniel  Abt Mar 1899Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I714
13 DAWSON Edward Charles  1 Jul 1894Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I719
14 DAWSON Eva Annie  1895Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I720
15 DAWSON Lillian Adelaide  1891Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I717
16 DAWSON Mary Isabell(E)  1906Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I724
17 DAWSON Milbra May  1903Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I723
18 DAWSON Olive Clara  1908Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I725
19 DAWSON Robert Andrew  1897Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I721
20 DAWSON William Leonard Harold  1908Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I615
21 ELLIOTT Arthur William  1908Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1839
22 FITZPATRICK James J  1907Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I6486
23 FITZPATRICK Mavis Eileen  1908Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I7127
24 GLOCK Claude Thomas  1 Oct 1906Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1045
25 GLOCK Edward Charles Francis (Teddy)  3 Aug 1918Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1050
26 GLOCK Gladys  1910Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1047
27 GLOCK John Casper (Jack)  28 Jul 1904Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1044
28 GLOCK Lloyd George Joseph?  11 Oct 1914Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1048
29 GLOCK Malcolm Andrew  23 May 1916Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1049
30 GLOCK William George  1908Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1046
31 HUNTER Hezekiah J  1896Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2252
32 HUNTER James Wilfred Cecil  1897Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2253
33 LEECE Lionel Gladstone  1894Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I3284
34 LONSDALE Alfred Stewart  1901Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2956
35 LONSDALE Elsie  1905Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2957
36 LONSDALE Rhoda May  1907Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I4447
37 LONSDALE Thelma A  1899Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2958
38 MCGREGOR Arthur  1908Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I9550
39 MCWATTERS Alexander  1903Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I4251
40 MCWATTERS George Henry  1899Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I4250
41 MCWATTERS Jessie Spiers Thorburn  22 Jan 1905Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I4252
42 MORLEY Alfred Ernest  1901Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I983
43 NELSON Emily Edith  20 May 1907Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1781
44 NELSON Reginald Frederick  5 Jan 1906Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1780
45 NETTLE Elsie Adeline (Addie)  31 May 1905Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I1852
46 ROBBINS Claude  1898Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I6553
47 ROBBINS Clive  1902Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I7333
48 SAUNDERS Claude S  1899Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I4065
49 SAUNDERS Ruth Monica  1892Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2213
50 SEWELL Ada Bell  1910Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2251

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DAWSON Cecil E  1894Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I718
2 DAWSON David Daniel  6 Nov 1912Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I714
3 DAWSON Rachel  7 Aug 1907Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I453
4 DAWSON Robert Andrew  1897Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I721
5 FITZPATRICK James J  1915Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I6486
6 FITZPATRICK Patrick Joseph  31 Dec 1914Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I6014
7 HUNTER Hezekiah J  1896Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2252
8 LONSDALE Elsie  1905Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2957
9 TOBIN Kiran  14 Feb 1889Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I6622
10 WATERS Frank J  1918Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I2299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DAWSON Cecil E  9 Jan 1894Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I718
2 DAWSON David Daniel  7 Nov 1912Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I714
3 DAWSON Robert Andrew  17 Sep 1897Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I721


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BELL Elizabeth (Bessie) Rachel  1941Hillgrove, NSW, Australia I505


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GLOCK / BRANDSCHEID  17 Aug 1904Hillgrove, NSW, Australia F743
2 HANDEBO / PARKINSON  1918Hillgrove, NSW, Australia F2118
3 NETTLE / WATERS  1902Hillgrove, NSW, Australia F231
4 SEWELL / BELL  18 Aug 1890Hillgrove, NSW, Australia F376
5 WATERS / SEWELL  1915Hillgrove, NSW, Australia F237