Wanstead, Essex, England


Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: 51.577792, Longitude: 0.028589


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LAWRANCE Elizabeth  c1865Wanstead, Essex, England I5973
2 LAWRENCE Harriet  c1868Wanstead, Essex, England I5975
3 LAWRENCE John  c1870Wanstead, Essex, England I5974
4 LAWRENCE Sarah  c1859Wanstead, Essex, England I5970
5 SQUIRES Annie Louise  1875Wanstead, Essex, England I10634
6 SQUIRES Edith Mary Maude  25 Jan 1879Wanstead, Essex, England I522
7 SQUIRES George  c1854Wanstead, Essex, England I5967
8 SQUIRES George A  c Sep 1880Wanstead, Essex, England I595
9 SQUIRES Henry  c 1850Wanstead, Essex, England I5966
10 SQUIRES Hephzibah Mary  10 Feb 1892Wanstead, Essex, England I10639
11 SQUIRES Hiram John Robert  Abt 1871Wanstead, Essex, England I10635
12 SQUIRES Horace B J  c1870Wanstead, Essex, England I5972
13 SQUIRES Mary  1851Wanstead, Essex, England I5976
14 SQUIRES Robert Hiram  Abt 1894Wanstead, Essex, England I10638
15 SQUIRES Robert John  c1845Wanstead, Essex, England I5965
16 SQUIRES Thomas  Abt 1855Wanstead, Essex, England I537