Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: -30.2963121, Longitude: 153.1156722

Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -30.2963121, Longitude: 153.1156722


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALVERSON Anthony Jay  26 Aug 1958Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I506


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNIER Kenneth Victor  28 Jan 2005Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I1169
2 BARNIER Victor Alexander  12 Jul 1987Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I1108
3 BRENNAN Anastasia Clare (Nance)  9 Jul 1998Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I201
4 CAVE John Bailey  31 Oct 1966Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I4081
5 CLARKSON Thomas Henry  27 Nov 1990Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I566
6 COLLINS Herbert Roy  21 Aug 1970Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I4214
7 COOPER Mavis Madge  25 Sep 1995Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I1018
8 COOPER Thomas James  13 Jun 1955Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I1015
9 CROSSINGHAM James Alfred  10 Sep 1964Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I8513
10 DAWSON William Vesey  23 Feb 1974Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I37
11 FORD Henrietta May  1 Sep 1994Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I9811
12 FORD Thomas William Celon  1 Aug 1942Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I5771
13 HOUSE Pauline Mary  22 Jun 2001Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I1924
14 JENKINS Sarah Ellen  9 Sep 1958Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I305
15 KEY Athol Eversleigh  29 Dec 1983Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I3204
16 LIPSCOMBE Harold Richard (Chid)  8 Oct 1978Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I8493
17 MOSS Elva Dawson  24 Nov 1995Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I338
18 PLUNKETT Adrian Charles  2 Oct 1974Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I6863
19 RYAN Eileen Gertrude  25 Jul 1998Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I5118
20 SCHEEF Christian Carl  3 May 1955Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I296
21 SCHEEF Clarence F (Clarrie)  11 Jun 1927Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I1060
22 SCHEEF George Edward  31 May 1994Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I1063
23 SCHEEF Mary Sarah Christina  2 Oct 2004Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I1068
24 SCULLIN Henry Charles  23 Nov 1959Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I6691
25 SEWELL Helen Elizabeth (Wheeze)  14 Jan 2002Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I2120
26 SHACKELL Wray Chesman  1 May 2008Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I1218
27 SMITH Catherine Amelia  20 Dec 1949Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I6405
28 SMITH Thomas Peter  9 Oct 2000Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I7476
29 STEWART Hugh Donald  28 Oct 1972Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I8515
30 VEIVERS Charles Thomas (Joe)  12 Mar 1999Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I128
31 WATERS Doris Sarah Marguretta  8 Jun 2001Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I378
32 YOUNGBERRY Johanna Matilda  30 Dec 1961Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I9816


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRENNAN Anastasia Clare (Nance)  Jul 1998Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I201
2 DAVIES Frederick Walter  25 May 1996Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I12352


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BELL Annie May  1941Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I2205
2 COWAN Carlysle Partridge  1940Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I10534
3 CROSSINGHAM James Alfred  1940Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia I8513


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAMPBELL / ALVERSON  1932Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia F6840
2 MCDONALD / SCHEEF  1937Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia F759