Newcastle, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -32.926689, Longitude: 151.77892050000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHE Ronald Charles  27 Aug 1935Newcastle, NSW, Australia I1697
2 EASY Renee  Newcastle, NSW, Australia I1507
3 FITZPATRICK Francis Joseph  1917Newcastle, NSW, Australia I9737
4 HINDER Campbell  1912Newcastle, NSW, Australia I10840
5 JACKSON William Richard Thomas  1869Newcastle, NSW, Australia I3912
6 MORLEY Adam Robert  6 Aug 1980Newcastle, NSW, Australia I8622
7 SCHEEF Douglas James  6 Jul 1922Newcastle, NSW, Australia I1693
8 SCRIBNER Edwin Silas Newcastle  1885Newcastle, NSW, Australia I402
9 TAYLOR William James  12 Aug 1874Newcastle, NSW, Australia I967


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BELL Leslie Canning  29 Sep 1967Newcastle, NSW, Australia I2207
2 BENNETT Clemence Albert  1962Newcastle, NSW, Australia I3996
3 BENTLEY Clare Elizabeth Anne  3 Oct 1990Newcastle, NSW, Australia I3040
4 BRIGDALE Edward James  24 Feb 1960Newcastle, NSW, Australia I2726
5 CAMPBELL Henry Thomas David  30 Oct 1986Newcastle, NSW, Australia I9715
6 CROSS Elizabeth Ann  1964Newcastle, NSW, Australia I4440
7 DAWSON Hilda Beatrice  1961Newcastle, NSW, Australia I4109
8 DAWSON Myrtle Lily (Cis)  9 Dec 1934Newcastle, NSW, Australia I1876
9 DAWSON Ronald William  1971Newcastle, NSW, Australia I8570
10 DICKESON Kathleen Marjory  May 1998Newcastle, NSW, Australia I3351
11 DOUGLAS Hugh Alexander M  1951Newcastle, NSW, Australia I4072
12 DUFFY Patrick Joseph  Oct 1940Newcastle, NSW, Australia I7092
13 EASY Renee  Newcastle, NSW, Australia I1507
14 FITZPATRICK William Martin  30 Jan 1961Newcastle, NSW, Australia I9547
15 GREEN William Henry  1893Newcastle, NSW, Australia I935
16 HINDER Campbell  1912Newcastle, NSW, Australia I10840
17 HOCKLEY Edwin Cyril  26 Feb 1971Newcastle, NSW, Australia I4615
18 HOLT Jane Charlotte  20 Feb 1954Newcastle, NSW, Australia I3963
19 HUGHSON Ronald Arthur  1972Newcastle, NSW, Australia I4137
20 JONES Pauline Joyce  1962Newcastle, NSW, Australia I1215
21 KELLEHEAR Mervyn Joseph  24 Sep 1984Newcastle, NSW, Australia I1794
22 KERR Geoffrey Allan  Sep 2000Newcastle, NSW, Australia I3335
23 KEY Lorna Muriel  1972Newcastle, NSW, Australia I3199
24 LACY Harold Francis  May 1924Newcastle, NSW, Australia I7219
25 LANE Ethel May Henry  10 Jan 1983Newcastle, NSW, Australia I5242
26 LANE James  Jun 1950Newcastle, NSW, Australia I2662
27 MCMILLAN William Alexander  1942Newcastle, NSW, Australia I8950
28 MCWATTERS George Henry  1 Jun 1970Newcastle, NSW, Australia I4250
29 MORLEY Adam Robert  Jul 2001Newcastle, NSW, Australia I8622
30 MORLEY Margaret May  1954Newcastle, NSW, Australia I4933
31 NELSON Alma Annie Margaret  19 May 2003Newcastle, NSW, Australia I1782
32 NELSON Eric Robert  27 Jan 1973Newcastle, NSW, Australia I1784
33 PETERSEN Neil Francis  21 Jun 1958Newcastle, NSW, Australia I6625
34 PETERSEN Neil Francis  9 Jun 1959Newcastle, NSW, Australia I6590
35 PETRIE Clara Magdalene  20 Oct 1973Newcastle, NSW, Australia I9553
36 RAYNER Clara Ann  12 May 1949Newcastle, NSW, Australia I3037
37 ROAN Rachel  1947Newcastle, NSW, Australia I646
38 RYAN Brendon John  2 May 2009Newcastle, NSW, Australia I8791
39 RYAN Marie Vivienne  20 Mar 1972Newcastle, NSW, Australia I4614
40 RYAN Sybil Margaret  1930Newcastle, NSW, Australia I10091
41 SAUNDERS Charlotte Annie  1953Newcastle, NSW, Australia I4071
42 SAUNDERS James Aaron  4 Mar 1925Newcastle, NSW, Australia I4067
43 SCHEEF Violet May  31 Dec 1959Newcastle, NSW, Australia I1070


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LACY Clement William  1939Newcastle, NSW, Australia I9521


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FINNIGAN / WILLIAMS  1914Newcastle, NSW, Australia F3458
2 MURDOCH / MORLEY  1921Newcastle, NSW, Australia F3466
3 PETERSEN / BRENNAN  4 Feb 1914Newcastle, NSW, Australia F4180
4 RIGBY / BENNETT  1925Newcastle, NSW, Australia F2866