Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AUDRIE Letitia  Abt 1815Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16799 The Tree of Me 
2 BOWMAN Hugh  Abt 1866Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16825 The Tree of Me 
3 BOWMAN Jessie  14 Jan 1871Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16827 The Tree of Me 
4 BRADSHAW Agnes  Abt 1875Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16813 The Tree of Me 
5 BRADSHAW Alexander  Abt 1865Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16809 The Tree of Me 
6 BRADSHAW Andrew  Abt 1879Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16814 The Tree of Me 
7 BRADSHAW Annie  Abt 1882Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16815 The Tree of Me 
8 BRADSHAW David  Abt 1887Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16816 The Tree of Me 
9 BRADSHAW James  Abt 1869Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16810 The Tree of Me 
10 MCCAUL Agnes  1833Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16218 The Tree of Me 
11 MCCAUL Patrick  1826Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16214 The Tree of Me 
12 MCCOLM Alexander  Abt 1845Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16746 The Tree of Me 
13 MCCOLM Alexander  Abt 1889Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16841 The Tree of Me 
14 MCCOLM David  Abt 1887Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16840 The Tree of Me 
15 MCCOLM Georgina  Abt 1894Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16842 The Tree of Me 
16 MCCOLM James  Abt 1808Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16797 The Tree of Me 
17 MCCOLM Janet  Abt 1879Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16836 The Tree of Me 
18 MCCOLM John  1786Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I15162 The Tree of Me 
19 MCCOLM John  Abt 1877Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16835 The Tree of Me 
20 MCCOLM Malcolm/Michael  14 Aug 1851Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I4727 The Tree of Me 
21 MCCOLM Margaret  c1854Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I9976 The Tree of Me 
22 MCCOLM Mary Jane  Abt 1885Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16839 The Tree of Me 
23 MCCOLM Quintin Johnston  1851Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16738 The Tree of Me 
24 MCCOLM Sarah  1850Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I9846 The Tree of Me 
25 MCCOLM Susan H  Abt 1882Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16838 The Tree of Me 
26 MCCOLM Thomas  Abt 1880Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I16837 The Tree of Me 
27 MCCOLM William  1790Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I15161 The Tree of Me 
28 MCCOLM William  1842Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I15074 The Tree of Me 
29 RODGER David  1879Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland I11983 The Tree of Me 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 MCCOLM / PARK  4 May 1786Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland F10858 The Tree of Me 
2 MCCOLM / SUMMERS  14 Jan 1817Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire, Scotland F10810 The Tree of Me