Inverell, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: -29.7762792, Longitude: 151.1134357

Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -29.7762792, Longitude: 151.1134357


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER Harriet Jane  1878Inverell, NSW, Australia I5313
2 ALLWELL Josephine Margaret  1892Inverell, NSW, Australia I5951
3 BAXTER Allan Keith  2 Jul 1909Inverell, NSW, Australia I1513
4 BAXTER Clarice Myrtle  31 Dec 1917Inverell, NSW, Australia I1517
5 BELL Dulcie Ethel  1901Inverell, NSW, Australia I4155
6 BOND Frederick C W  1900Inverell, NSW, Australia I9894
7 BURGE Ellen M  1902Inverell, NSW, Australia I9489
8 BURGE Frank O  1905Inverell, NSW, Australia I9487
9 BURGE Garfield Jack  1904Inverell, NSW, Australia I9488
10 BURGE Lyndon Carey (Barney)  1908Inverell, NSW, Australia I9485
11 BURGE Stephen McKinley (Mack)  1906Inverell, NSW, Australia I9486
12 COLLINS Thomas Johnson  3 May 1873Inverell, NSW, Australia I10094
13 CROTTY Aileen May  8 Jul 1908Inverell, NSW, Australia I10454
14 CROTTY Aileen May  8 Jul 1908Inverell, NSW, Australia I5354
15 DAWSON Alfred  1881Inverell, NSW, Australia I471
16 DAWSON Arthur John (Jack)  1891Inverell, NSW, Australia I477
17 DAWSON Enid Adelaide Ellen  1914Inverell, NSW, Australia I9053
18 DAWSON Isma Elaine  18 Oct 1915Inverell, NSW, Australia I9409
19 DAWSON Marcia Amelia Kathleen  1916Inverell, NSW, Australia I9584
20 DAWSON Robert Edward  1888Inverell, NSW, Australia I475
21 DAWSON Veronia Olive Mary  1915Inverell, NSW, Australia I9410
22 DAWSON Zilpa Emily May  1914Inverell, NSW, Australia I9408
23 EDMONDS Ernest A  1909Inverell, NSW, Australia I8879
24 EDMONDS Phyllis Grace  1911Inverell, NSW, Australia I8881
25 GRIFFEY  8 Apr 1963Inverell, NSW, Australia I1413
26 GRIFFEY  27 Jun 1964Inverell, NSW, Australia I1414
27 HANSARD  1907Inverell, NSW, Australia I8267
28 HANSARD Olive Edith  1910Inverell, NSW, Australia I8268
29 HAYNES Clyde Aubrey  1913Inverell, NSW, Australia I9187
30 JONES Lloyd Dudley  22 Jan 1920Inverell, NSW, Australia I1487
31 KENNEDY Dorothy Jessie  30 Jul 1901Inverell, NSW, Australia I10574
32 LANE Eva G  1894Inverell, NSW, Australia I2665
33 LANE James  1884Inverell, NSW, Australia I2662
34 LANE Mary Ann  1892Inverell, NSW, Australia I2664
35 LANE Rachael Grace  1896Inverell, NSW, Australia I2666
36 LANE Sidney George  1898Inverell, NSW, Australia I2667
37 LANE William John  1887Inverell, NSW, Australia I2663
38 MALLISE Phyllis  22 DecInverell, NSW, Australia I1563
39 MCCLUSKEY Ronald Charles  26 Sep 1935Inverell, NSW, Australia I1619
40 PITKIN Eva G  1912Inverell, NSW, Australia I5413
41 PITKIN James  1899Inverell, NSW, Australia I5405
42 PITKIN Reginald G  1901Inverell, NSW, Australia I5406
43 PITKIN Thomas H  1898Inverell, NSW, Australia I5403
44 PITKIN Victor C  1902Inverell, NSW, Australia I5407
45 RYAN Matthew Alexander  1879Inverell, NSW, Australia I4709
46 STRAHLE Gordon Charles  1907Inverell, NSW, Australia I7331
47 SUEY Clarence James  5 Mar 1938Inverell, NSW, Australia I1389
48 SUEY Dulcie Veronica  4 Jan 1918Inverell, NSW, Australia I1325
49 VOSS Blanche W N  1906Inverell, NSW, Australia I9983
50 WARD Albert E J  1907Inverell, NSW, Australia I8264

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURGE Stephen Garfield  14 Nov 1925Inverell, NSW, Australia I8340
2 EDMONDS Ivan Ezra  25 Jan 1934Inverell, NSW, Australia I3955
3 GAUKROGER Bethel Ann  1936Inverell, NSW, Australia I8594
4 GRIFFEY  8 Apr 1963Inverell, NSW, Australia I1413
5 GRIFFEY  27 Jun 1964Inverell, NSW, Australia I1414
6 HAWKINS Harold Perdriau  1948Inverell, NSW, Australia I1869
7 JACOBS Edith May  23 Nov 1959Inverell, NSW, Australia I5642
8 JONES Anne  7 Mar 1971Inverell, NSW, Australia I699
9 JONES Cyril Isadore  7 Jan 1976Inverell, NSW, Australia I1311
10 JONES Dinah  13 Dec 1923Inverell, NSW, Australia I697
11 JONES Jane  9 Sep 1971Inverell, NSW, Australia I700
12 JONES John  13 Jun 1934Inverell, NSW, Australia I693
13 KEARSEY William  30 Nov 1971Inverell, NSW, Australia I4406
14 KERR Ivory Catherine  26 Oct 1973Inverell, NSW, Australia I523
15 LANE Eva G  1895Inverell, NSW, Australia I2665
16 MCCLUSKEY Ronald Charles  6 May 1938Inverell, NSW, Australia I1619
17 ORCHARD Myra Maude  1972Inverell, NSW, Australia I1312
18 PITKIN Eva G  1912Inverell, NSW, Australia I5413
19 PITKIN George J  1915Inverell, NSW, Australia I5414
20 PITKIN James  1899Inverell, NSW, Australia I5405
21 RUMMERY Allan  1965Inverell, NSW, Australia I4117
22 RYAN Ambrose Harrington  26 Oct 1972Inverell, NSW, Australia I5116
23 STAPLES Arthur  1928Inverell, NSW, Australia I9851
24 STRAHLE David Charles  1973Inverell, NSW, Australia I4013
25 SUEY Dulcie Veronica  23 Dec 1984Inverell, NSW, Australia I1325
26 THOMPSON John K  1924Inverell, NSW, Australia I4416
27 WISKINS Arthur  1892Inverell, NSW, Australia I347


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BURGE Stephen Garfield  Nov 1925Inverell, NSW, Australia I8340
2 DAWSON Selina  9 Jun 1941Inverell, NSW, Australia I1166
3 FORSYTH Verdun Frances Mary  Feb 1969Inverell, NSW, Australia I4415
4 KEARSEY William  Dec 1971Inverell, NSW, Australia I4406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DAWSON Charlotte Ann  1932Inverell, NSW, Australia I1180
2 DAWSON Ellis Richardson  1913Inverell, NSW, Australia I362
3 DAWSON Selina  1941Inverell, NSW, Australia I1166
4 LANE Annie  1926Inverell, NSW, Australia I2660


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAXTER / JONES  1907Inverell, NSW, Australia F494
2 BAXTER / JONES  8 Oct 1908Inverell, NSW, Australia F495
3 BURGE / MCCOSKER  1902Inverell, NSW, Australia F5760
4 DAWSON / CAMERON  24 Mar 1880Inverell, NSW, Australia F335
5 DAWSON / FOSTER  1878Inverell, NSW, Australia F338
6 DAWSON / HALL  1914Inverell, NSW, Australia F6535
7 DETTMANN / JONES  1936Inverell, NSW, Australia F880
8 EDMONDS / VOSS  1928Inverell, NSW, Australia F2840
9 JONES / DAWSON  1897Inverell, NSW, Australia F490
10 KEARSEY / FORSYTH  1951Inverell, NSW, Australia F3133
11 MCNAMEE / JONES  1931Inverell, NSW, Australia F879
12 MEPHAM / BAXTER  11 Dec 1929Inverell, NSW, Australia F1100
13 SUEY / JONES  1 Mar 1899Inverell, NSW, Australia F491
14 TIBBS / BELL  1925Inverell, NSW, Australia F2965
15 TURNBULL / EDMONDS  1924Inverell, NSW, Australia F2841
16 WETZLER / BAXTER  1950Inverell, NSW, Australia F1105