Grafton, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: -29.694053, Longitude: 152.934549

Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -29.694053, Longitude: 152.934549


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AVERY Clarence I  1890Grafton, NSW, Australia I10576
2 AVERY Ethel Florence  1901Grafton, NSW, Australia I10579
3 AVERY Linda M  1904Grafton, NSW, Australia I10577
4 AVERY Norman L  1895Grafton, NSW, Australia I10575
5 AVERY Rita Beatrice  1903Grafton, NSW, Australia I10578
6 BEAVERS Augustus  1882Grafton, NSW, Australia I10568
7 BEAVERS Beatrice  1886Grafton, NSW, Australia I10570
8 BEAVERS Cedric  1890Grafton, NSW, Australia I10572
9 BEAVERS Ivo  1891Grafton, NSW, Australia I10573
10 BEAVERS Leslie  1884Grafton, NSW, Australia I10569
11 BEAVERS Mary A  1893Grafton, NSW, Australia I10574
12 BEAVERS Olive  1888Grafton, NSW, Australia I10571
13 BODLEY Aubrey Leonard  1 Jul 1913Grafton, NSW, Australia I8419
14 BODLEY Dorothy  29 Aug 1926Grafton, NSW, Australia I8423
15 BODLEY Ivy Irene  21 Jun 1911Grafton, NSW, Australia I8418
16 COWAN Alma Mary  1912Grafton, NSW, Australia I10550
17 COWAN Archibald  1874Grafton, NSW, Australia I10562
18 COWAN Carlysle Partridge  1888Grafton, NSW, Australia I10534
19 COWAN Ethel Blanche  1878Grafton, NSW, Australia I10563
20 COWAN Isabella Marion  1869Grafton, NSW, Australia I10560
21 COWAN James  1871Grafton, NSW, Australia I10561
22 COWAN Jeanette  1909Grafton, NSW, Australia I10549
23 COWAN Jessie Alexandrina  1865Grafton, NSW, Australia I10558
24 COWAN Phyllis May  1907Grafton, NSW, Australia I10547
25 COWAN William (Male)  1867Grafton, NSW, Australia I10559
26 DAWSON Carole  15 Aug 1939Grafton, NSW, Australia I118
27 FINNIGAN Sheila Hope M  1918Grafton, NSW, Australia I7134
28 FORD Daisy Louisa  1898Grafton, NSW, Australia I6512
29 FORD David E  1904Grafton, NSW, Australia I6515
30 FORD Harold J  1900Grafton, NSW, Australia I6513
31 FORD Richard O  1902Grafton, NSW, Australia I6514
32 FORD Thomas William Celon  1897Grafton, NSW, Australia I5771
33 HICKS Frederick G  1881Grafton, NSW, Australia I8259
34 LAIRD Minnie Margaret  Abt 1872Grafton, NSW, Australia I10102
35 MANNING Clarence John  1892Grafton, NSW, Australia I4554
36 MANNING Gordon Grafton Clarence  1910Grafton, NSW, Australia I7392
37 MCDONALD William Lester (Bill)  1910Grafton, NSW, Australia I1109
38 MCLENNAN Elvie  1900Grafton, NSW, Australia I5685
39 MORGAN Vera J.  1897Grafton, NSW, Australia I11585
40 OLIVE Arthur Edward  29 Mar 1868Grafton, NSW, Australia I10916
41 SCRIBNER Doris Rae  1912Grafton, NSW, Australia I1816
42 SCRIBNER Mona  1910Grafton, NSW, Australia I1815
43 TAYLOR William George  29 Aug 1905Grafton, NSW, Australia I3718
44 WILSON Margaret  1891Grafton, NSW, Australia I10464


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AGNEW Laurance David  3 Jun 1958Grafton, NSW, Australia I4464
2 BUSK Georgina May  31 Aug 1957Grafton, NSW, Australia I12438
3 COWAN Gordon Lee  1963Grafton, NSW, Australia I10533
4 COWAN William Scott  31 Oct 1917Grafton, NSW, Australia I976
5 DAWSON Ruth Olga  20 Apr 2003Grafton, NSW, Australia I46
6 FORD Clarence Joseph Randolph  4 Jan 1965Grafton, NSW, Australia I9833
7 FORD Thomas Stanley Graham  21 Oct 1976Grafton, NSW, Australia I9810
8 HOLT May Louise  1970Grafton, NSW, Australia I3960
9 IMBERGER Christian Helen (Tid?)  13 Oct 1959Grafton, NSW, Australia I7945
10 KEY Albert William  1923Grafton, NSW, Australia I3131
11 LYONS Horace Richard  17 May 1941Grafton, NSW, Australia I7944
12 LYONS Ivy Gertrude  ? 18 Apr 1927Grafton, NSW, Australia I7956
13 MARSH Benjamin Augustus  16 Aug 1937Grafton, NSW, Australia I12442
14 MCDONALD Mary  12 May 1934Grafton, NSW, Australia I11951
15 O’CONNOR Margaret Ann  18 Oct 1966Grafton, NSW, Australia I6036
16 SMAIL Janet  27 Jun 1909Grafton, NSW, Australia I975
17 TAYLOR Alice Emily  1 Feb 1923Grafton, NSW, Australia I4923


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AGNEW Laurance David  Jun 1958Grafton, NSW, Australia I4464
2 BUSK Georgina May  Sep 1957Grafton, NSW, Australia I12438
3 COWAN Donald Smail  Grafton, NSW, Australia I10527
4 ELLIS Mary  Grafton, NSW, Australia I10546
5 FORD Clarence Joseph Randolph  Jan 1965Grafton, NSW, Australia I9833
6 FORD Thomas Stanley Graham  Oct 1976Grafton, NSW, Australia I9810
7 FORD William George  3 Jun 1923Grafton, NSW, Australia I9494
8 HYNES Cecil Joseph  Jul 1959Grafton, NSW, Australia I13784
9 IMBERGER Christian Helen (Tid?)  Oct 1959Grafton, NSW, Australia I7945
10 LYONS Horace Richard  May 1941Grafton, NSW, Australia I7944
11 LYONS Ivy Gertrude  Apr 1927Grafton, NSW, Australia I7956
12 MARSH Benjamin Augustus  Aug 1937Grafton, NSW, Australia I12442
13 O’CONNOR Margaret Ann  Oct 1966Grafton, NSW, Australia I6036


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 COWAN William James  1917Grafton, NSW, Australia I10525
2 DAWSON John Alexander  1949Grafton, NSW, Australia I5606


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AMOS / COWAN  1933Grafton, NSW, Australia F7317
2 AVERY / COWAN  1890Grafton, NSW, Australia F7300
3 BARNIER / SCHEEF  1935Grafton, NSW, Australia F765
4 BEAVERS / COWAN  1882Grafton, NSW, Australia F7299
5 COWAN / ELLIS  1906Grafton, NSW, Australia F7304
6 COWAN / SMAIL  1863Grafton, NSW, Australia F694
7 KEY / BONFIELD  1950Grafton, NSW, Australia F2317
8 MANNING / MERCHANT  1909Grafton, NSW, Australia F3258
9 MCCOLM / TOMLINS  1940Grafton, NSW, Australia F3355