Drake, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: -28.9271097, Longitude: 152.3750679

Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -28.9271097, Longitude: 152.3750679


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CURRY Lionel James  1892Drake, NSW, Australia I7819
2 DRENNERT Hannah Charity  25 May 1896Drake, NSW, Australia I10092
3 ELLIOT Lucy Eliza  28 Oct 1905Drake, NSW, Australia I8456
4 ELLIOT Thomas Gilbert  1907Drake, NSW, Australia I8457
5 FORD Bernard P  1899Drake, NSW, Australia I9845
6 FORD Charles Leslie Garnet  23 Jan 1892Drake, NSW, Australia I9794
7 FORD Clara Edith Lillian  1896Drake, NSW, Australia I7710
8 FORD Clarence Edward  15 Dec 1894Drake, NSW, Australia I9806
9 FORD Clarence Joseph Randolph  1888Drake, NSW, Australia I9833
10 FORD Claude William Harold  17 Nov 1892Drake, NSW, Australia I9835
11 FORD Daniel Peter David  1890Drake, NSW, Australia I7704
12 FORD Edwin S W  1894Drake, NSW, Australia I7709
13 FORD Ernest Milton  3 Mar 1902Drake, NSW, Australia I10453
14 FORD Ernest Milton  3 Mar 1902Drake, NSW, Australia I5355
15 FORD Frederick J  1904Drake, NSW, Australia I12260
16 FORD Mildred Irene  1897Drake, NSW, Australia I9807
17 FORD Walter Edward  9 Jan 1889Drake, NSW, Australia I9793
18 FORD Walter J R  1909Drake, NSW, Australia I12262
19 FORD William C L  1893Drake, NSW, Australia I9805
20 FORD William J  1907Drake, NSW, Australia I12261
21 GIMBELETTI Gwendelyne F  1901Drake, NSW, Australia I7721
22 HANCOCK John Patrick  1894Drake, NSW, Australia I9038
23 HEADRICK Agnes  25 Jun 1894Drake, NSW, Australia I8225
24 HEADRICK Edna Thelma May  8 Oct 1909Drake, NSW, Australia I8547
25 HEADRICK Herbert George (Herb)  22 Nov 1904Drake, NSW, Australia I8545
26 HEADRICK Jack S  1901Drake, NSW, Australia I8228
27 HEADRICK James  1892Drake, NSW, Australia I8469
28 HEADRICK Percy  1896Drake, NSW, Australia I8226
29 HEADRICK Raymond Clive  24 Jun 1912Drake, NSW, Australia I8548
30 HEADRICK Victor E A  1907Drake, NSW, Australia I8230
31 HEADRICK William  1898Drake, NSW, Australia I8227
32 HIGGINS Michael John  13 Nov 1882Drake, NSW, Australia I9522
33 HOOTON Angel Violet Beatrice  1900Drake, NSW, Australia I4762
34 HOOTON Annie Alice H  1900Drake, NSW, Australia I4777
35 HOOTON Bessie Adeline  1895Drake, NSW, Australia I4763
36 HOOTON Gladys Irene B  1905Drake, NSW, Australia I4776
37 HOOTON Horace Charles Thomas  4 Jan 1912Drake, NSW, Australia I4781
38 HOOTON Jessie Rebecca Evelyne  7 Aug 1898Drake, NSW, Australia I4782
39 HOOTON Margaret Victoria  2 May 1898Drake, NSW, Australia I4764
40 HOOTON Mignonette F R  21 Sep 1890Drake, NSW, Australia I4784
41 HOOTON Pearl Kathleen  1893Drake, NSW, Australia I4765
42 HOOTON Ruby Catherine  1890Drake, NSW, Australia I4766
43 HOOTON Stanley J D  15 Mar 1903Drake, NSW, Australia I4773
44 HOOTON Stuart George  6 Apr 1901Drake, NSW, Australia I4775
45 HOOTON William Joseph Richard  1896Drake, NSW, Australia I4767
46 HOULT Arthur Richard Percival  1887Drake, NSW, Australia I7815
47 HOULT Ivy O  1894Drake, NSW, Australia I7812
48 HOULT Sydney L  1891Drake, NSW, Australia I8205
49 HYLAND Constance Maude  1895Drake, NSW, Australia I10451
50 KING Marjorie Elizabeth  31 Dec 1915Drake, NSW, Australia I9694

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 PAYNE Bertram Viller  16 Jun 1904Drake, NSW, Australia I8411
2 PAYNE Emerald B  16 Jun 1904Drake, NSW, Australia I8410
3 PAYNE Herbert D  16 Jun 1904Drake, NSW, Australia I8414
4 PAYNE John Atholstien  16 Jun 1904Drake, NSW, Australia I8413


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BETTIS Rebecca  14 Nov 1921Drake, NSW, Australia I4558
2 CLARKE Ann S  21 Aug 1907Drake, NSW, Australia I10878
3 FORD Edwin S W  1895Drake, NSW, Australia I7709
4 FORD Maud(E) R F  26 Jan 1906Drake, NSW, Australia I7701
5 FORD Walter J R  1911Drake, NSW, Australia I12262
6 FORD William  20 Jan 1893Drake, NSW, Australia I4535
7 FORD William C L  1896Drake, NSW, Australia I9805
8 HEADRICK Jack S  11 Nov 1917Drake, NSW, Australia I8228
9 HEADRICK James  15 Jul 1915Drake, NSW, Australia I8222
10 HEADRICK Victor E A  1908Drake, NSW, Australia I8230
11 HOOTON Joseph R  30 Sep 1902Drake, NSW, Australia I4557
12 HOOTON Richard  1911Drake, NSW, Australia I4583
13 HOULT Sydney L  1892Drake, NSW, Australia I8205
14 MERCHANT Eliza Jane  23 Apr 1911Drake, NSW, Australia I4527
15 MERCHANT Ruby V F  1894Drake, NSW, Australia I7657
16 MERCHANT Thomas Hugh  1 Dec 1902Drake, NSW, Australia I4518
17 PARKER Clarice G  1887Drake, NSW, Australia I7733
18 SMITH George  10 Apr 1913Drake, NSW, Australia I4536
19 SMITH John  14 Jun 1911Drake, NSW, Australia I10877
20 WISE Elizabeth Sarah  1901Drake, NSW, Australia I7943


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BETTIS Rebecca  15 Nov 1921Drake, NSW, Australia I4558
2 CLARKE Ann S  22 Aug 1907Drake, NSW, Australia I10878
3 CROTTY Aileen May  Drake, NSW, Australia I5354
4 CROTTY Aileen May  27 Feb 1991Drake, NSW, Australia I10454
5 FORD Eliza R C  1887Drake, NSW, Australia I7702
6 FORD Ernest Milton  Jul 1995Drake, NSW, Australia I5355
7 FORD John Richard  Oct 1967Drake, NSW, Australia I7838
8 FORD Maud(E) R F  Drake, NSW, Australia I7701
9 FORD Samuel David Michael  Sep 1954Drake, NSW, Australia I10378
10 HEADRICK Jack S  1917Drake, NSW, Australia I8228
11 HEADRICK James  Drake, NSW, Australia I8222
12 HEADRICK Victor E A  1908Drake, NSW, Australia I8230
13 HOOTON Eliza Ann  Dec 1936Drake, NSW, Australia I9825
14 HOOTON Fanny Frances  Drake, NSW, Australia I4569
15 HOOTON Joseph R  1 Oct 1902Drake, NSW, Australia I4557
16 HOOTON Richard  1911Drake, NSW, Australia I4583
17 MERCHANT Eliza Jane  24 Apr 1911Drake, NSW, Australia I4527
18 PARKER Catherine  1939Drake, NSW, Australia I4581
19 PARKER Ernest John Joseph A (John)  Drake, NSW, Australia I4578
20 SMITH George  12 Apr 1913Drake, NSW, Australia I4536
21 SMITH John  15 Jun 1911Drake, NSW, Australia I10877
22 WINTERTON Ada May  28 Sep 1965Drake, NSW, Australia I10299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 MEAD Mary Minnie  1944Drake, NSW, Australia I1075


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARPENTER / PARKER  1909Drake, NSW, Australia F5201
2 CARPENTER / SMITH  23 Feb 1921Drake, NSW, Australia F5562
3 COTTLE / FORD  1905Drake, NSW, Australia F4665
4 ELLIOT / SMITH  15 Jun 1905Drake, NSW, Australia F5371
5 FORD / PRATT  22 Aug 1892Drake, NSW, Australia F5883
6 HEADRICK / SMITH  1892Drake, NSW, Australia F5342
7 HOOTON / HORN  21 Mar 1898Drake, NSW, Australia F3270
8 HOOTON / PARKER  1889Drake, NSW, Australia F3269
9 HOULT / SCOTT  1910Drake, NSW, Australia F5228
10 HOWARD / MERCHANT  14 Aug 1913Drake, NSW, Australia F4386
11 KING / SMITH  16 Jul 1913Drake, NSW, Australia F5375
12 LEGGETT / SMITH  1 Jun 1902Drake, NSW, Australia F5368
13 MERCHANT / HYLAND  28 Sep 1896Drake, NSW, Australia F3260
14 PAYNE / SMITH  3 Jul 1889Drake, NSW, Australia F5363
15 SHORT / FORD  1896Drake, NSW, Australia F5886