Casino, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: -28.8642401, Longitude: 153.0456834

Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -28.8642401, Longitude: 153.0456834


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BODLEY Alfred Ernest  26 Aug 1915Casino, NSW, Australia I8420
2 BODLEY Mervyn Joseph  26 Jan 1920Casino, NSW, Australia I8421
3 CARROLL Edgar Clement  21 Jun 1894Casino, NSW, Australia I4555
4 CARROLL Edna Ismay /MERCHANT  1913Casino, NSW, Australia I7679
5 CRAWFORD William Lorraine  18 Sep 1898Casino, NSW, Australia I184
6 DAWSON Lola  22 Jun 1934Casino, NSW, Australia I116
7 DAWSON Norma  2 Sep 1928Casino, NSW, Australia I113
8 ELFORD Norman Leslie  24 Sep 1916Casino, NSW, Australia I8449
9 FORD Albert Harold  1905Casino, NSW, Australia I7699
10 FORD Maud Beatrice  17 Jun 1882Casino, NSW, Australia I7361
11 FORD Sarah Matilda [Tilly]  12 Sep 1884Casino, NSW, Australia I9791
12 FORD Violet E  1906Casino, NSW, Australia I6516
13 GALLAGHER Jean Margaret  19 Oct 1933Casino, NSW, Australia I11119
14 GALLAGHER Judith Lois  Abt 1940Casino, NSW, Australia I11121
15 GRAHAM Henry John  19 Oct 1921Casino, NSW, Australia I451
16 GRAHAM Walter Richmond  1904Casino, NSW, Australia I6355
17 HANCOCK Elizabeth Joyce  29 Nov 1945Casino, NSW, Australia I9078
18 HANCOCK John C  1914Casino, NSW, Australia I10022
19 HARRISON Desmond Dawson  25 May 1920Casino, NSW, Australia I52
20 HARRISON Henry Thomas  10 Dec 1879Casino, NSW, Australia I50
21 HARRISON Margaret Dawson  Casino, NSW, Australia I53
22 HARRISON Raymond Dawson  15 Jul 1921Casino, NSW, Australia I51
23 HEADRICK Michael George (Micky)  12 Jul 1938Casino, NSW, Australia I8593
24 HINDMARSH Ellen Marjorie (Nellie)  1911Casino, NSW, Australia I5166
25 HINDMARSH Herbert Francis (Bert)  7 Sep 1907Casino, NSW, Australia I5164
26 HINDMARSH John Walter Nesbit  1917Casino, NSW, Australia I5168
27 HINDMARSH Leila Esther  1909Casino, NSW, Australia I5165
28 HINDMARSH Lorna Mary  1913Casino, NSW, Australia I5167
29 HOOTON Beryl Joan  6 Jun 1918Casino, NSW, Australia I4778
30 HOOTON David Joseph Richard  1888Casino, NSW, Australia I7768
31 HUGHES William  27 Dec 1915Casino, NSW, Australia I9200
32 MASON Alice Linda  1 Jul 1921Casino, NSW, Australia I8432
33 MCNEVIN Stanley W  1913Casino, NSW, Australia I6487
34 MOSS Beryl Dawson  16 Apr 1924Casino, NSW, Australia I340
35 MOSS Elva Dawson  10 Apr 1921Casino, NSW, Australia I338
36 MOSS Henry James Dawson  9 Jan 1926Casino, NSW, Australia I341
37 MOSS Una Dawson  2 Sep 1922Casino, NSW, Australia I339
38 PARKER Ernest Joseph John A  1882Casino, NSW, Australia I7723
39 SMITH Leila Kathleen  27 May 1913Casino, NSW, Australia I8267


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BODLEY Mervyn Joseph  15 Jul 2003Casino, NSW, Australia I8421
2 BROWN Bonnie Marion  20 Jul 1997Casino, NSW, Australia I10927
3 CRAWFORD William Lorraine  2 Feb 1962Casino, NSW, Australia I184
4 DAWSON Doris Muriel  11 Jul 1965Casino, NSW, Australia I39
5 ELLEM Rodney Stanford  9 Apr 2000Casino, NSW, Australia I5410
6 FORD John Richard  14 Oct 1967Casino, NSW, Australia I7838
7 GALLAGHER Judith Lois  1940Casino, NSW, Australia I11121
8 GRAHAM Maureen Rose  20 Feb 2019Casino, NSW, Australia I452
9 HANCOCK James Edward  Casino, NSW, Australia I9039
10 HANCOCK John C  1914Casino, NSW, Australia I10022
11 HANCOCK John Patrick  Casino, NSW, Australia I9038
12 HANCOCK Mary  13 Feb 1987Casino, NSW, Australia I5515
13 HARRISON Nellie  Aug 1929Casino, NSW, Australia I56
14 HEADRICK Barbara Colleen (Billy)  8 Jun 1946Casino, NSW, Australia I8596
15 HICKS Frederick G  1933Casino, NSW, Australia I8259
16 HINDMARSH John B  18 Dec 1906Casino, NSW, Australia I5163
17 HOOTON Stuart George  2 Jul 1972Casino, NSW, Australia I4775
18 HURLEY James William  1 Nov 1950Casino, NSW, Australia I5201
19 KERR Robert Alexander  25 Aug 1953Casino, NSW, Australia I3064
20 LANE Anne Louise  17 Nov 1967Casino, NSW, Australia I5544
21 LANE Ralph Bede  3 Sep 1966Casino, NSW, Australia I5545
22 LANE Sidney George  23 Jun 1984Casino, NSW, Australia I2667
23 LARSSON Charles Henry  31 May 1947Casino, NSW, Australia I4785
24 MASON Alice Linda  5 Jun 1993Casino, NSW, Australia I8432
25 MOSS Una Dawson  29 Nov 1968Casino, NSW, Australia I339
26 MYLAN Bridget  19 Jun 1940Casino, NSW, Australia I32
27 OLIVE Arthur Edward  4 Mar 1929Casino, NSW, Australia I10916
28 OLIVE Ivon Vincent  31 Jan 1972Casino, NSW, Australia I10582
29 PAYNE Mary Ann  28 Aug 1974Casino, NSW, Australia I8404
30 SCOTT Clara Louisa Victoria  23 Jul 1954Casino, NSW, Australia I10942
31 SCULLY James  13 Jul 1951Casino, NSW, Australia I11955
32 SCULLY Vincent Esmonde  1965Casino, NSW, Australia I11960
33 SLADE Robert Henry  23 Apr 1980Casino, NSW, Australia I191
34 VARY Florence Doreen  10 Jun 1986Casino, NSW, Australia I7769
35 WRIGHT (Phillip) Arthur James  8 Feb 1941Casino, NSW, Australia I8261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BROWN Bonnie Marion  Jul 1997Casino, NSW, Australia I10927
2 DAWSON Ruth Olga  24 Apr 2003Casino, NSW, Australia I46
3 FOLLENT Mary Eileen  Nov 1961Casino, NSW, Australia I10781
4 FORD Clarence Edward  29 May 1964Casino, NSW, Australia I9806
5 GALLAGHER Judith Lois  1940Casino, NSW, Australia I11121
6 GOOLEY Robert Bernard  Nov 1955Casino, NSW, Australia I5524
7 HANCOCK James Edward  Casino, NSW, Australia I9039
8 HANCOCK John C  1914Casino, NSW, Australia I10022
9 HICKS Frederick G  1933Casino, NSW, Australia I8259
10 KERR Robert Alexander  Aug 1953Casino, NSW, Australia I3064
11 OLIVE Arthur Edward  Mar 1929Casino, NSW, Australia I10916
12 OLIVE Edward Herbert  Aug 1965Casino, NSW, Australia I10917
13 SCOTT Clara Louisa Victoria  Jul 1954Casino, NSW, Australia I10942
14 WRIGHT (Phillip) Arthur James  8 Feb 1941Casino, NSW, Australia I8261
15 YOUNGBERRY Johanna Matilda  Casino, NSW, Australia I9816


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LANE Sidney George  1926Casino, NSW, Australia I2667


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATKINS / POWER  1932Casino, NSW, Australia F3650
2 BODLEY / MASON  17 Mar 1943Casino, NSW, Australia F5441
3 BODLEY / PAYNE  7 Dec 1910Casino, NSW, Australia F5429
4 CRAWFORD / DAWSON  29 Dec 1924Casino, NSW, Australia F52
5 DAWSON / HOBBINS  8 Sep 1925Casino, NSW, Australia F47
6 ELFORD / BODLEY  1945Casino, NSW, Australia F5443
7 FORD / GORTON  1904Casino, NSW, Australia F5904
8 FORD / HINDMARSH  1926Casino, NSW, Australia F3469
9 HANCOCK / WRIGHT  1913Casino, NSW, Australia F5653
10 HEADRICK / RATHBORNE  31 Jul 1933Casino, NSW, Australia F5532
11 HUGHES / WRIGHT  5 Nov 1915Casino, NSW, Australia F5701
12 IMBERGER / HOOTON  18 Jan 1941Casino, NSW, Australia F5233
13 LARSSON / HOOTON  1917Casino, NSW, Australia F3329
14 LEIS / HANCOCK  1932Casino, NSW, Australia F5657
15 NEWTON / HOOTON  1917Casino, NSW, Australia F3328
16 OLIVE / FOLLENT  1921Casino, NSW, Australia F6227
17 OLIVE / KLAUS  1921Casino, NSW, Australia F6157
18 ROWE / BODLEY  6 Jan 1971Casino, NSW, Australia F5439
19 RUDD / HEADRICK  1926Casino, NSW, Australia F5533
20 SMITH / SMITH  30 Jan 1940Casino, NSW, Australia F5379
21 STOY / FORD  1920Casino, NSW, Australia F3919
22 VARY / HOOTON  20 Jun 1934Casino, NSW, Australia F4264
23 WILLIS / HOOTON  1920Casino, NSW, Australia F4265