Tenterfield, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -29.0541238, Longitude: 152.0190285


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAILEY Lyall William (Jack)  1915Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3217
2 COALDRAKE John William  1895Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I679
3 CUNNINGHAM Johanna M  1886Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I8439
4 DAY Catherine  1879Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7257
5 DAY Charles Michael  1875Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7255
6 DAY John  1882Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7258
7 DAY Rose  1877Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7256
8 FARRAR Edward Patrick  1890Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7405
9 FERRIS Maxwell James  22 Oct 1921Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I6512
10 FERRIS Stella Eunice  23 Apr 1915Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I6511
11 FRANCIS Robert James  1 Aug 1932Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2678
12 FRASER Alexander Hugh  22 Aug 1882Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I565
13 FRASER Margaret May  7 Sep 1871Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I555
14 GUNN Allan Charles  15 Nov 1916Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I10625
15 KEY Athol Eversleigh  1 Feb 1915Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3204
16 KEY Lorna Muriel  31 Jan 1908Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3199
17 KEY Nita Mary  3 Nov 1912Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3201
18 KEY Owen Roland  9 Jul 1904Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3198
19 KEY Thomas Alexander  27 Oct 1910Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3200
20 KRAHE Caroline Emma  1873Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7273
21 KRAHE Catherine R  1868Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7271
22 KRAHE Frederick C  1870Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7272
23 KRAHE Louis Charles  1867Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7270
24 KRAHE Rosina C S  1883Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7274
25 LEIS Amy Isobel  1890Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2721
26 LEIS Arthur Kenneth  1902Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2724
27 LEIS Catherine Mary  1862Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7267
28 LEIS Charles Louis  1864Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2718
29 LEIS Clara Caroline  1886Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2719
30 LEIS Francisca Rosina  1860Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7266
31 LEIS George  1867Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7268
32 LEIS Hilda Rosina R  1892Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2722
33 LEIS Norman Charles Herbert  1896Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2723
34 LEIS Percy Francis  1887Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2720
35 LEIS Vida Alice  1905Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I4417
36 LOHSE Emma Catherine  1887Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I480
37 MCDONALD Allan Cameron  1889Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I1091
38 MCDONALD Flora Ann  1891Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I1097
39 MCDONALD Wallace Cameron (Wally)  1894Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I1092
40 MILLER Annie Catherine  18 Nov 1861Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I591
41 PILLAR Esther Josephine  Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I4031
42 ROMER Bertie Clarence  1899Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I4030
43 SAUNDERS James Bell  1887Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2212
44 SAUNDERS Ollera May  1888Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I4094
45 SAUNDERS Robert Barnes  1857Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3971
46 SULLIVAN Teresa Mary  1899Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2673
47 TRIMBLE Elizabeth  1858Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I6560
48 WASSON Cecil C  1895Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3988


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BELL Joshua George  21 Aug 1964Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2026
2 BIDDLE Laura Lillian  17 Jun 1976Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2554
3 CROTTY Arthur Bratten  17 Sep 1958Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2959
4 FERRIS Stella Eunice  4 Oct 1991Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I6511
5 GARDNER Ivan Appleton  12 Feb 1983Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I6513
6 GLOCK Amelia Elizabeth  12 Apr 1937Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I1035
7 HERMANN Rosina Barbara  1910Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I4419
8 JACKSON Doris  23 Feb 1945Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3915
9 KEY Doris  1914Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I5637
10 KEY Elvie Leslie  29 May 1920Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3192
11 KEY Eversleigh Oliver  Mar 1942Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3191
12 KRAHE Rosina C S  1884Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7274
13 LEIS Caroline Helen  3 Aug 1895Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7251
14 LEIS Charles Louis  11 Dec 1943Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2718
15 LEIS Louisa Rosina  8 Aug 1939Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I7250
16 LEIS Percy Francis  Jul 1973Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2720
17 MEAD Mary Minnie  13 Dec 1972Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I1075
18 O’SHEA Catherine  1867Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I6558
19 POTTER Robert Clarence K  1954Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I9562
20 ROBERTS Ethel  2 Mar 1937Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I672
21 SAUNDERS Annie E  1888Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3969


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BELL Joshua George  22 Aug 1964Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2026
2 BIDDLE Laura Lillian  18 Jun 1972Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2554
3 LEIS Percy Francis  15 Jul 1973Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I2720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 JACKSON Doris  1925Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3915
2 JACKSON Neta (Nita)  1925Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I3916


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAILEY / KEY  20 Feb 1915Tenterfield, NSW, Australia F2308
2 BELL / BARRETT  1913Tenterfield, NSW, Australia F1621
3 BRIGDALE / LEIS  1911Tenterfield, NSW, Australia F2014
4 DAWSON / KIRK  1939Tenterfield, NSW, Australia F5914
5 DAY / LEIS  1873Tenterfield, NSW, Australia F5010
6 FARRAR / PRICE  1912Tenterfield, NSW, Australia F5095
7 LEIS / GLOCK  1885Tenterfield, NSW, Australia F740
8 PRIEST / JACKSON  1923Tenterfield, NSW, Australia F2816