Wallangarra Qld, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: -28.921606400, Longitude: 151.928479900


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MCCALL Bertram Ernest  31 Jan 1922Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4834
2 MCCALL William Bernard  27 Sep 1923Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4833
3 MOORE James Malcolm  14 Jan 1909Wallangarra Qld, Australia I755
4 MOORE Knox  7 Jan 1913Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4699
5 MOORE Matthew John  16 Dec 1907Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4697
6 MOORE Rosetta Jane Fleming  14 Dec 1910Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4698
7 SPRINGBORG Victoria Winifred  1897Wallangarra Qld, Australia I14808


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRAUER Sylvia Grace  17 Jun 2001Wallangarra Qld, Australia I10260
2 FLEMING Jane Smith  22 Jan 1888Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4728
3 HENRY Margaret Jane (Maggie)  1 Aug 1923Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4716
4 HENRY Rosetta Kerr  17 Oct 1936Wallangarra Qld, Australia I7331
5 LYNCH Agnes  25 Apr 1916Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4856
6 MOORE Knox  22 Sep 1989Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4699


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CAVE Rose  Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4703
2 HENRY Margaret Jane (Maggie)  2 Aug 1923Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4716
3 JARVIE Alice Violet (Cis)  Jan 1933Wallangarra Qld, Australia I12825
4 LONG Cyril Edward  Wallangarra Qld, Australia I7559
5 MCCALL Arthur  Feb 1965Wallangarra Qld, Australia I12800
6 MCCALL Bertram Ernest  11 Oct 1990Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4834
7 MCCALL Catherine Heatherington  Aug 1949Wallangarra Qld, Australia I12798
8 MCCALL Colin Graham  8 Apr 1999Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4830
9 MCCALL Hugh Patrick  1969Wallangarra Qld, Australia I12797
10 MCCALL John Thomas  Apr 1955Wallangarra Qld, Australia I12799
11 MCCALL Malcolm Leslie  Dec 1996Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4832
12 MCCALL William  Mar 1943Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4855
13 MCCALL William  Oct 1957Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4835
14 MCCALL William Bernard  Jan 1977Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4833
15 MCCAUL Catherine Mary  Oct 1959Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4796
16 MCCOLM Mary (Polly)  24 May 1939Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4696
17 MCCOOK James  9 Jan 1918Wallangarra Qld, Australia I7335
18 MCCORMACK Bridget Josephine (Bridie)  19 Aug 1998Wallangarra Qld, Australia I12836
19 MOORE John  3 Sep 1929Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4715
20 MOORE Knox  14 Dec 1942Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4695
21 MOORE Knox  Sep 1989Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4699
22 MOORE Matthew John  9 Dec 1981Wallangarra Qld, Australia I4697
23 MORGAN Ivy  Wallangarra Qld, Australia I7560