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Tingha, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Me

Latitude: -29.9556242, Longitude: 151.2122181

Tree: The Tree of Him

Latitude: -29.9556242, Longitude: 151.2122181


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGNEW Marie Josephine  1911Tingha, NSW, Australia I7001
2 ALLEN Martha Jane  1 Sep 1874Tingha, NSW, Australia I9832
3 ALLEN Martha Jane  1 Sep 1874Tingha, NSW, Australia I4713
4 BAXTER Cora Dinah  2 Feb 1909Tingha, NSW, Australia I1613
5 BAXTER Daphne Elma  21 Nov 1907Tingha, NSW, Australia I1512
6 BAXTER Ivan Charles  13 Apr 1912Tingha, NSW, Australia I1615
7 BAXTER Phyllis  28 Nov 1914Tingha, NSW, Australia I1515
8 BULLEN Ivy Christina  26 Jan 1910Tingha, NSW, Australia I1118
9 BULLEN Sylvia Anna  18 Oct 1907Tingha, NSW, Australia I1117
10 CAMPBELL Albert E F  1901Tingha, NSW, Australia I5420
11 COLLINS William  15 Jan 1902Tingha, NSW, Australia I9193
12 COPELAND Ernest Harris Sutherland (Casey)  15 Jul 1916Tingha, NSW, Australia I9809
13 DAWSON Ivy Jane  1910Tingha, NSW, Australia I9021
14 HAWKINS Edith Olivette  1904Tingha, NSW, Australia I3948
15 JONES David  1906Tingha, NSW, Australia I5644
16 JONES Effie May  25 Oct 1915Tingha, NSW, Australia I1211
17 JONES John Scott  10 Aug 1912Tingha, NSW, Australia I1213
18 JONES Lila Dawson  1919Tingha, NSW, Australia I1212
19 MORLEY Ernest Edward James  20 Apr 1873Tingha, NSW, Australia I560
20 PEARSON Harold George  1911Tingha, NSW, Australia I7564
21 PEARSON Herbert Martin  1909Tingha, NSW, Australia I7569
22 PEARSON Margaret Eugenia  1907Tingha, NSW, Australia I7568
23 SKINNER Ellen Louisa E  1906Tingha, NSW, Australia I5722
24 SKINNER Melville A B  1909Tingha, NSW, Australia I8816
25 SKINNER Melvyn Alan Bell  1910Tingha, NSW, Australia I8815
26 SUEY Ina Leonie  16 Aug 1927Tingha, NSW, Australia I1362
27 SUEY Peter Arnold  14 Jan 1939Tingha, NSW, Australia I1427
28 SUEY Ronald Ralph  25 Dec 1921Tingha, NSW, Australia I1361
29 SUEY Vivian Clyde  31 May 1902Tingha, NSW, Australia I1323
30 THOMPSON Emily Selina  1901Tingha, NSW, Australia I9881


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAXTER William Noah  3 Jun 1968Tingha, NSW, Australia I1511
2 BEASLEY Sophia Priscilla  25 Feb 1920Tingha, NSW, Australia I1102
3 BULLEN Adam  27 May 1950Tingha, NSW, Australia I306
4 DAWSON Albert Edwin (Alby)  8 Oct 1970Tingha, NSW, Australia I1188
5 DAWSON Benjamin Garner  28 Apr 1918Tingha, NSW, Australia I457
6 DAWSON Catherine Charlotte  19 Apr 1934Tingha, NSW, Australia I9020
7 DAWSON Clive Ross  26 Mar 1925Tingha, NSW, Australia I7198
8 DAWSON Emma Matilda  9 Aug 1934Tingha, NSW, Australia I1181
9 DAWSON John  1930Tingha, NSW, Australia I7197
10 DAWSON Michel Sarah  1929Tingha, NSW, Australia I1176
11 HOWE Ellen  1 Apr 1926Tingha, NSW, Australia I513
12 JACKSON Herbert Malcolm  11 Feb 1927Tingha, NSW, Australia I8461
13 JONES David  1906Tingha, NSW, Australia I5644
14 JONES David  2 Jul 1961Tingha, NSW, Australia I695
15 JONES Elizabeth  1 Nov 1952Tingha, NSW, Australia I692
16 JONES John Scott  31 Aug 1971Tingha, NSW, Australia I1213
17 MEAD Thomas William  1956Tingha, NSW, Australia I1073
18 MORRIS Douglas B  1927Tingha, NSW, Australia I8463
19 NIELSEN Ernest Frederick J  1919Tingha, NSW, Australia I1745
20 POTTER William Arthur E  1965Tingha, NSW, Australia I9558
21 SKINNER Melville A B  1910Tingha, NSW, Australia I8816
22 SUEY Clarence Naaman  19 Dec 1954Tingha, NSW, Australia I1322
23 SUEY James  19 May 1935Tingha, NSW, Australia I1319
24 SUEY Lavinia K  1925Tingha, NSW, Australia I7336
25 SUEY Vivian Clyde  9 Aug 1953Tingha, NSW, Australia I1323


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BAXTER William Noah  Jun 1968Tingha, NSW, Australia I1511
2 DAWSON Albert Edwin (Alby)  Oct 1970Tingha, NSW, Australia I1188
3 DAWSON Emma Matilda  Aug 1934Tingha, NSW, Australia I1181
4 JACOBS Edith May  Nov 1959Tingha, NSW, Australia I5642
5 JONES Anne  Mar 1971Tingha, NSW, Australia I699
6 JONES John Scott  Sep 1971Tingha, NSW, Australia I1213
7 SUEY Clarence Naaman  Dec 1954Tingha, NSW, Australia I1322
8 SUEY James  May 1954Tingha, NSW, Australia I1319
9 SUEY Peter Arnold  Jun 1971Tingha, NSW, Australia I1427
10 SUEY Vivian Clyde  Aug 1953Tingha, NSW, Australia I1323


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DAWSON Emma Matilda  1932Tingha, NSW, Australia I1181
2 JONES Effie May  1934Tingha, NSW, Australia I1211
3 JONES John Scott  1934Tingha, NSW, Australia I1213
4 SUEY Clarence Naaman  1954Tingha, NSW, Australia I1322
5 SUEY Dulcie Veronica  1954Tingha, NSW, Australia I1325
6 SUEY James Arnold  1954Tingha, NSW, Australia I1324


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GAUKROGER / NIELSEN  1928Tingha, NSW, Australia F5756
2 HAWKINS / JONES  1911Tingha, NSW, Australia F958
3 JACKSON / PEARSON  1918Tingha, NSW, Australia F5823
4 JONES / ORCHARD  1936Tingha, NSW, Australia F953
5 JURD / HAWKINS  1924Tingha, NSW, Australia F2834
6 LOOKER / BREDENBECK  1932Tingha, NSW, Australia F6828
7 MCCROHON / DAWSON  1929Tingha, NSW, Australia F1363
8 PEARSON / ARENTZ  1907Tingha, NSW, Australia F3489
9 PEARSON / CUNNINGHAM  1912Tingha, NSW, Australia F5824
10 PEARSON / NIELSEN  1933Tingha, NSW, Australia F5827
11 RUDD / SAUNDERS  1913Tingha, NSW, Australia F6296
12 SHACKELL / JONES  19 Sep 1953Tingha, NSW, Australia F882