Sandgate, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -32.8709246, Longitude: 151.70991890000005

Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: -32.8709246, Longitude: 151.70991890000005


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALLSOP Kate  11 Sep 1948Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4509
2 ASHE Preston Charles  3 Sep 1991Sandgate, NSW, Australia I1696
3 BARNES Violet Mary  Sandgate, NSW, Australia I6519
4 BENNETT Clemence Albert  31 Aug 1962Sandgate, NSW, Australia I3996
5 BRENNAN Bridget (Biddy)  18 Jan 1977Sandgate, NSW, Australia I6003
6 BRENNAN Laura Dorothy  Aug 1995Sandgate, NSW, Australia I10204
7 BRIGDALE Edward James  25 Feb 1960Sandgate, NSW, Australia I2726
8 COHEN George James  24 Dec 1940Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4726
9 DUFFY Patrick Joseph  31 Oct 1940Sandgate, NSW, Australia I7092
10 FERRIS Cecilia Jane  14 Sep 1934Sandgate, NSW, Australia I3906
11 FINNIGAN Raymond Patrick  4 Jul 1959Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4921
12 FITZPATRICK William Martin  31 Jan 1961Sandgate, NSW, Australia I9547
13 FORD Charles Leslie Garnet  1 Mar 1963Sandgate, NSW, Australia I9794
14 HEADRICK James  7 Mar 1941Sandgate, NSW, Australia I8550
15 HOCKLEY Edwin Cyril  2 Mar 1971Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4615
16 HURLEY Ernest  29 Aug 1957Sandgate, NSW, Australia I5199
17 HURLEY Lorna May  29 Mar 1952Sandgate, NSW, Australia I5929
18 HURLEY Patrick Joseph  15 Oct 1981Sandgate, NSW, Australia I5205
19 KEY Lorna Muriel  6 May 1972Sandgate, NSW, Australia I3199
20 LACY Harold Francis  20 May 1924Sandgate, NSW, Australia I7219
21 LEIS Amy Isobel  31 Aug 1972Sandgate, NSW, Australia I2721
22 MCCARTHY Annie Lee  2 Apr 1936Sandgate, NSW, Australia I1151
23 MCINERNEY Mary Ellen  Mar 1919Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4501
24 MOONEY Myra Mary  9 Feb 1968Sandgate, NSW, Australia I9804
25 MYLAN Annie Eileen  31 Jan 1962Sandgate, NSW, Australia I5241
26 NELSON Eric Robert  30 Jan 1973Sandgate, NSW, Australia I1784
27 NICHOLL Constance Grant  12 Jan 1955Sandgate, NSW, Australia I1723
28 PARTRIDGE Violet Cecilia  19 May 1989Sandgate, NSW, Australia I1796
29 PETRIE Clara Magdalene  23 Oct 1973Sandgate, NSW, Australia I9553
30 ROWLAND Richard Edward  4 Aug 1937Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4039
31 ROWLAND William Edward  29 Nov 1939Sandgate, NSW, Australia I3913
32 RUTHERFORD James Willliam  5 Jan 1922Sandgate, NSW, Australia I8007
33 RUTHERFORD William James  15 Jul 1931Sandgate, NSW, Australia I7985
34 RYAN Marie Vivienne  23 Mar 1972Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4614
35 RYAN Sybil Margaret  1930Sandgate, NSW, Australia I10091
36 RYAN William Thomas  Oct 1983Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4634
37 SAUNDERS James Aaron  5 Mar 1925Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4067
38 SAUNDERS Thomas Richard  25 May 1930Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4070
39 SCHEEF Violet May  2 Jan 1960Sandgate, NSW, Australia I1070
40 SHANAHAN Allen K  19 Nov 1928Sandgate, NSW, Australia I8048
41 SMITH Amy May  Nov 1979Sandgate, NSW, Australia I6893
42 TYNAN Michael Joseph  May 1984Sandgate, NSW, Australia I10205
43 WALSH Maurice Allan Brown  15 Sep 1965Sandgate, NSW, Australia I91
44 WHEELER Charles Edward  14 Nov 1935Sandgate, NSW, Australia I6013
45 WILLIAMS Gladys May  16 Feb 1995Sandgate, NSW, Australia I7341
46 WILLIAMS Lucy Emily  1 Oct 1969Sandgate, NSW, Australia I4922
47 WILLIAMS Ruby May  2 Jul 1969Sandgate, NSW, Australia I5928
48 WILSON Sydney Albert George  4 Nov 1970Sandgate, NSW, Australia I6462