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Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -28.3269383, Longitude: 153.39585720000002

Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: -28.3269383, Longitude: 153.39585720000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL Robina Joyce  5 Dec 1944Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9222
2 CRUMPTON William Leith Heywood  23 Nov 1917Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I1403
3 FORD Edward John  1936Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I14204
4 HUGHES Robert  31 Aug 1918Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9202
5 JARVIS Louisa Margaret  6 Dec 1915Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9211
6 MCINERNEY Alice Patricia (Pat)  1913Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I12524
7 MCINERNEY Irene  May 1910Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I12523
8 MCINERNEY Josephine  30 Mar 1928Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I12527
9 MERCHANT Keith Thomas  28 Apr 1945Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I14101
10 MERCHANT Merilyn Muriel  c1947Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I14103
11 MOLYNEAUX David John  4 Jan 1973Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9306
12 WATERS Thedore David Bramwell  5 Jun 1919Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9383


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL Robina Joyce  15 Dec 1944Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9222
2 COLLINS Donald Frank  2 May 1962Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9333
3 FORD Edgar James (Mat)  19 Sep 1996Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9813
4 FORD Mildred Irene  1964Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9807
5 FORD William Mervyn  Apr 1988Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9812
6 GLOCK Lena Betty  12 Dec 1934Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I4184
7 HAIGH Douglas  27 Dec 1979Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9379
8 HANCOCK Elsie Muriel  4 Dec 1962Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9044
9 HARRISON Henry Thomas  29 Jan 1942Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I50
10 HUGHES Alma May  24 Sep 1979Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9201
11 HUGHES Cedric John  2 Feb 1994Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9205
12 HUGHES Robert John  19 Jun 1952Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9199
13 MCINERNEY Irene  26 Aug 1910Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I12523
14 MCINERNEY Josephine  30 Mar 1928Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I12527
15 MCINERNEY William H  20 Aug 1933Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I12520
16 MERCHANT Merilyn Muriel  21 Apr 1958Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I14103
17 MERCHANT Thomas William J  13 Apr 1981Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I4749
18 MOLYNEAUX David John  20 Feb 1983Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9306
19 PARKER Eva Catherine  26 Aug 1912Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I7741
20 PETERSEN Fernanda  23 May 1970Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I2897
21 POWER Jane  20 Apr 1930Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I6711
22 PRATT Minnie Georgina  20 Nov 1962Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9797
23 WARBROOK Rita Catherine  4 Jan 1950Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I7816
24 WARBROOK(E) Robert William (Bob)  21 Sep 1945Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I4768
25 WATERS Andrew James  12 Jul 1937Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I343
26 WATERS Howard Francis  2 May 1958Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I407
27 WATERS Mervyn Howard  18 Oct 1969Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I3940


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL Robina Joyce  Dec 1944Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9222
2 COLLINS Donald Frank  May 1962Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9333
3 FORD Edgar James (Mat)  Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9813
4 FORD William Ernest Herbert  Aug 1971Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9785
5 HANCOCK Elsie Muriel  Dec 1962Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9044
6 HUGHES Alma May  1979Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9201
7 HUGHES Cedric John  Feb 1994Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9205
8 HUGHES Robert John  Jun 1952Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9199
9 MCINERNEY Irene  Aug 1910Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I12523
10 MCINERNEY William H  22 Aug 1933Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I12520
11 MOLYNEAUX David John  Feb 1983Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9306
12 POWER Jane  Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I6711
13 PRATT Minnie Georgina  Nov 1962Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I9797


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 GALLAGHER Ruby E/M?  1952Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia I7555


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CURRY / HOOTON  1941Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia F4262
2 FLANNERY / WATERS  1948Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia F5033
3 FORD / EDWARDS  27 Apr 1957Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia F5897
4 FORD / WITHERS  1921Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia F5893
5 HUGHES / JARVIS  1938Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia F5710
6 HURLEY / DONOGHUE  18 Aug 1915Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia F4460
7 THOMPSON / HOOTON  1943Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia F5238
8 WATERS / CRAM  1949Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia F2831
9 WATERS / PETERSEN  1921Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia F291