Melbourne, Vic, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -37.814107, Longitude: 144.96327999999994

Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: -37.814107, Longitude: 144.96327999999994


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGNEW Charles James  1859Melbourne, Vic, Australia I5591
2 AGNEW George  1862Melbourne, Vic, Australia I5593
3 AGNEW Matilda  1859Melbourne, Vic, Australia I5592
4 AGNEW Matilda  1863Melbourne, Vic, Australia I5594
5 AIMERS Walter Estein (Wally)  7 Aug 1919Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12716
6 BAIRD Robert Fairlie  1845Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1460
7 BONE (BOWEN?) Elizabeth Jane  1888Melbourne, Vic, Australia I7204
8 BREWSTER Leslie  20 Jan 1906Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1584
9 CALLANAN Margaret(Madge)  4 Mar 1883Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1882
10 COLLCOTT Ernest Claude  c1902Melbourne, Vic, Australia I5128
11 FENTON Dawn  24 Jul 1915Melbourne, Vic, Australia I6249
12 GREIG Anne Maria  1860Melbourne, Vic, Australia I14954
13 JOHNSON Herbert Walter Grant  22 Apr 1904Melbourne, Vic, Australia I11287
14 KENNEDY Graham Cyril  15 Feb 1934Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12364
15 LOWE Charles Edward  4 Nov 1865Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1368
16 MACGREGOR Mary  3 Jan 1911Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1999
17 MCEVOY Henry John (Harry)  1861Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12358
18 MCLEOD Alexander Daniel  9 Jun 1910Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1391
19 SEABROOK Dorothy Lilian  4 Mar 1916Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1383
20 SEABROOK Lorna Sylvia  2 Jun 1915Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1867
21 SEABROOK William Douglas  30 Jan 1923Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1384
22 SLADE John  1915Melbourne, Vic, Australia I7150
23 WILLIAMS Judith Ann  27 Dec 1940Melbourne, Vic, Australia I3849


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AGNEW Matilda  1859Melbourne, Vic, Australia I5592
2 AIMERS Ernest  Mar 1960Melbourne, Vic, Australia I8127
3 AIMERS Florence Isobel  13 Aug 1995Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12629
4 BENJAMIN Isabel Annie  1939Melbourne, Vic, Australia I15523
5 CALLANAN Margaret(Madge)  21 Mar 1968Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1882
6 Captain CHAPMAN James Austin, OBE  9 Nov 1967Melbourne, Vic, Australia I6542
7 CHAPMAN Moya Therese  7 Jul 1996Melbourne, Vic, Australia I7119
8 CRAIG Rachel Alice  16 Sep 1961Melbourne, Vic, Australia I13242
9 DAWSON Frances Mary  20 Jun 1992Melbourne, Vic, Australia I649
10 Sr FENNELL Gillian Ruth  26 Oct 1983Melbourne, Vic, Australia I7092
11 GARNER Mabel  1956Melbourne, Vic, Australia I8159
12 GLENISTER Roy Anthony  13 Dec 1998Melbourne, Vic, Australia I7121
13 GLYNN Leslie Thomas  25 Aug 2003Melbourne, Vic, Australia I4104
14 HEARD Alfred John  9 Oct 1996Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12546
15 HEARD William Robert  Bef 2 Oct 1967Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12534
16 HEARD William Robert  11 Apr 1997Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12549
17 KENNEDY Edward Kitchener  3 Oct 1996Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12365
18 LANE Austin Edward  6 Apr 1995Melbourne, Vic, Australia I5319
19 LOWE Agnes Emma  2 Oct 1889Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1646
20 LOWE Alfred  27 May 1883Melbourne, Vic, Australia I13743
21 MACGREGOR Mary  24 Jun 1977Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1999
22 MCCLOUD Marie Alice  13 Jul 2002Melbourne, Vic, Australia I7120
23 MCEVOY Ruby May  25 Oct 1964Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12359
24 MCINERNEY Annie May  9 Jun 1960Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12497
25 MCINERNEY Nellie Mabel Gertrude (Sis)  Nov 1957Melbourne, Vic, Australia I13198
26 MCINTYRE Hector (Len) Harwood Lindon  2 Sep 1969Melbourne, Vic, Australia I945
27 MCLEOD Alexander Daniel  7 Mar 1991Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1391
28 MURPHY Mary Cecilia  7 Nov 1963Melbourne, Vic, Australia I6201
29 PODOSKY Paul  17 Sep 1964Melbourne, Vic, Australia I9031
30 ROUSSAC Mena Louise  8 Apr 2005Melbourne, Vic, Australia I388
31 SEABROOK Lorna Sylvia  31 Mar 2007Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1867
32 SEALIE William Clifford  Dec 1959Melbourne, Vic, Australia I2487
33 SHAW Edward Richard  4 Aug 2006Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1604
34 SMITH Ralph Bill  15 Nov 1968Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1887
35 TURNER Doris Muriel  25 Mar 1999Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1375
36 WAKENELL Harold William  Bef 7 Aug 1962Melbourne, Vic, Australia I13200
37 WAKENELL Harry Thomas  23 Aug 1943Melbourne, Vic, Australia I13199
38 WELLS Geoffrey Ward  11 Jun 1988Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1289
39 WHITE Kate May  1875Melbourne, Vic, Australia I2266
40 WHITE Laura Matilda  24 Feb 1916Melbourne, Vic, Australia I2363
41 WHITE Olive Elsie  1874Melbourne, Vic, Australia I2304
42 WHITE Victor Sales  21 Apr 1937Melbourne, Vic, Australia I2271
43 WILLIAMS Francis Houghton  7 Jul 1967Melbourne, Vic, Australia I1579


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALLSOP Ada Frances  14 Jun 1945Melbourne, Vic, Australia I4506
2 GIDLEY Laura Catherine  6 Feb 1964Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12623
3 MCINERNEY Rose Amelia  3 Dec 1974Melbourne, Vic, Australia I12500
4 PODOSKY Paul  17 Sep 1964Melbourne, Vic, Australia I9031


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 ALLSOP William Henry  15 Mar 1859Melbourne, Vic, Australia I3953
2 HANDLEY Charles  16 Sep 1856Melbourne, Vic, Australia I13651
3 HANDLEY William  16 Sep 1856Melbourne, Vic, Australia I9979


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LANE James  1926Melbourne, Vic, Australia I2662


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAUMGARTEN / DAWSON  30 Nov 1876Melbourne, Vic, Australia F3
2 BROADHURST / SEABROOK  28 Sep 1950Melbourne, Vic, Australia F430
3 DAWSON / SPINKS  18 Sep 1900Melbourne, Vic, Australia F190
4 GARNER / REMEEUS  20 Sep 1919Melbourne, Vic, Australia F6677
5 MCEVOY / MCINERNEY  28 Mar 1885Melbourne, Vic, Australia F5999
6 PIDDINGTON / WATERS  2 Nov 1891Melbourne, Vic, Australia F249
7 SEABROOK / HOURIGAN  1949Melbourne, Vic, Australia F431
8 SEABROOK / WILLIAMS  9 Mar 1912Melbourne, Vic, Australia F578
9 SLADE / MILDENHALL  1912Melbourne, Vic, Australia F3838