Liverpool, Lancashire, England


Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: 53.419815, Longitude: -2.9194923000000017


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Joseph Wilson  25 Jul 1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5370
2 CASE Violetta  29 Mar 1885Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7021
3 HARRISON Elizabeth  C1838Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5354
4 HARRISON George Henry  20 Sep 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I15405
5 HARRISON John  10 Aug 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I15406
6 HARRISON Lillian  14 Nov 1915Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11535
7 HEWITT Ellen  13 Mar 1900Liverpool, lancashire, England I7086
8 LAWLESS Walter  19 Jan 1910Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11536
9 MEACOCK Alice Ann  1902Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7028
10 MEACOCK Audrey Elizabeth  5 Nov 1932Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7085
11 MEACOCK Elizabeth (Bet)  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7022
12 MEACOCK Elizabeth Alice  9 Dec 1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7012
13 MEACOCK Florence  1903Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7023
14 MEACOCK James  c1907Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7024
15 MEACOCK William Henry  c1857Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6963
16 MEACOCK William Henry  30 Jul 1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7013
17 OGDEN Robert  20 Oct 1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5355
18 STROYAN Eleanor J  Abt 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11321
19 STROYAN Elizabeth  Abt 1862Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11315
20 STROYAN Gilbert A  Abt 1872Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11320
21 STROYAN Isabel  Abt 1867Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11318
22 STROYAN Maggie  Abt 1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11319
23 STROYAN Mary Wilson  Abt 1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11313
24 STROYAN Rachel Jessie  Abt 1864Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11316
25 STROYAN Wilhelmina A  Abt 1877Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11322
26 STROYAN William  Abt 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11317
27 STROYAN? James Milroy  Abt 1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11314
28 WARDER Harry  14 Dec 1899Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7029
29 WARDER Harry  24 Aug 1925Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7030
30 WARDER John (Jack)  23 Feb 1928Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7032


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CASE Violetta  29 Oct 1938Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7021
2 FOSTER Douglas  Jun 1976Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7018
3 HARRISON Ann  Sep 1866Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6508
4 HARRISON Harold  15 Jul 1966Liverpool, Lancashire, England I15399
5 MEACOCK Alice Ann  19 Nov 1978Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7028
6 MEACOCK Elizabeth (Bet)  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7022
7 MEACOCK Elizabeth Alice  Mar q 1945Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7012
8 MEACOCK John  c Jun 1889Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6509
9 MEACOCK William Henry  16 Dec 1939Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7013
10 MILROY Mary  23 Aug 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I12780
11 WARDER Harry  1926Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7030
12 WARDER Harry  22 Feb 1975Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7029
13 WARDER John (Jack)  Nov 1997Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7032


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 ALLSOP Samuel  Dec 1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4515


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COWIN / FOSTER  27 Dec 1941Liverpool, Lancashire, England F4091
2 HARRISON /   Bef 1833Liverpool, Lancashire, England F3599
3 MEACOCK / HEWITT  Mar 1926Liverpool, Lancashire, England F4092