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Uralla, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -30.6413732, Longitude: 151.5007167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Kevin Noel  3 Jul 1927Uralla, NSW, Australia I4980
2 BAUER Elsie Maude  1894Uralla, NSW, Australia I308
3 BRENNAN Bridget (Biddy)  31 May 1880Uralla, NSW, Australia I6003
4 BRENNAN Elizabeth Hanorah  26 Jun 1899Uralla, NSW, Australia I6020
5 BRENNAN Ellen Elsie  1903Uralla, NSW, Australia I6022
6 BRENNAN Ellen Josephine  23 May 1905Uralla, NSW, Australia I85
7 BRENNAN James Joseph  15 Sep 1902Uralla, NSW, Australia I84
8 BRENNAN John Vincent (Jack)  9 Jan 1910Uralla, NSW, Australia I134
9 BRENNAN Julia Edth  1905Uralla, NSW, Australia I6023
10 BRENNAN Laura Dorothy  10 Dec 1906Uralla, NSW, Australia I10204
11 BRENNAN Margaret  19 Sep 1880Uralla, NSW, Australia I184
12 BRENNAN Michael Joseph  9 Jan 1919Uralla, NSW, Australia I90
13 BRENNAN Patrick John  11 May 1898Uralla, NSW, Australia I191
14 BRENNAN Patrick Phillip  14 Apr 1901Uralla, NSW, Australia I6021
15 BRENNAN William Martin  28 Mar 1908Uralla, NSW, Australia I86
16 BULLEN Adam  24 Jul 1880Uralla, NSW, Australia I306
17 BULLEN Reuben Oscar  26 Sep 1927Uralla, NSW, Australia I7997
18 CAMERON Andrew Sylvester  1916Uralla, NSW, Australia I8532
19 CAMERON Gertrude E  1918Uralla, NSW, Australia I8533
20 CAMERON Linda E  1907Uralla, NSW, Australia I8252
21 CAMERON Myrtle E  1908Uralla, NSW, Australia I8253
22 CAMERON William Henry  1910Uralla, NSW, Australia I8254
23 CARLON Agnes W  1906Uralla, NSW, Australia I6853
24 CARLON Catherine M  1908Uralla, NSW, Australia I7855
25 CARLON Clarence S  1906Uralla, NSW, Australia I5583
26 CARLON Ellen Elizabeth  1903Uralla, NSW, Australia I5582
27 CARLON Ellen M  1905Uralla, NSW, Australia I6852
28 CARLON Francis J  1905Uralla, NSW, Australia I7854
29 CARLON Herbert Andrew  1901Uralla, NSW, Australia I4664
30 CARLON Kathleen E  1898Uralla, NSW, Australia I5584
31 CARLON Laurence Arthur (Larry)  c1910Uralla, NSW, Australia I4754
32 CARLON Margaret Eileen  1910Uralla, NSW, Australia I5127
33 CARLON Mary P  1907Uralla, NSW, Australia I8519
34 CARLON Sarah  1897Uralla, NSW, Australia I5581
35 CARLON Thomas  1914Uralla, NSW, Australia I8520
36 CARLON William  1897Uralla, NSW, Australia I5580
37 CORCORAN Margaret Fay  13 Jul 1939Uralla, NSW, Australia I4493
38 CORDERY Desmond Henry  27 Nov 1929Uralla, NSW, Australia I8008
39 CROSS Albert H  1901Uralla, NSW, Australia I4443
40 CROSS Edith A  1890Uralla, NSW, Australia I4436
41 CROSS Elizabeth Ann  1895Uralla, NSW, Australia I4440
42 CROSS Esther  1891Uralla, NSW, Australia I4441
43 CROSS Frances A  1896Uralla, NSW, Australia I4439
44 CROSS Sarah I  1888Uralla, NSW, Australia I4437
45 CROSS Thomas F  1893Uralla, NSW, Australia I4438
46 CROSS William John  1886Uralla, NSW, Australia I4442
47 DAWSON Cyril Geoffrey  31 Dec 1901Uralla, NSW, Australia I3921
48 DAWSON George  1881Uralla, NSW, Australia I5602
49 DAWSON Horace David  1910Uralla, NSW, Australia I1874
50 DAWSON Nevan Sylvester  1898Uralla, NSW, Australia I7525

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BULLEN Adam  4 Oct 1880Uralla, NSW, Australia I306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Catherine  26 Mar 1900Uralla, NSW, Australia I5075
2 BELL Erold Allen  1956Uralla, NSW, Australia I4086
3 BOND Betsy  Nov 1922Uralla, NSW, Australia I6931
4 BOWEN Ellen  6 Oct 1918Uralla, NSW, Australia I5031
5 BRENNAN Martin Kyran  14 Oct 1916Uralla, NSW, Australia I5994
6 BRENNAN Patrick (Big Pat)  30 Dec 1931Uralla, NSW, Australia I5992
7 BULLEN Eliza  26 Jan 1930Uralla, NSW, Australia I4820
8 CAMERON Gertrude E  1920Uralla, NSW, Australia I8533
9 CARLON Andrew  27 Apr 1926Uralla, NSW, Australia I5030
10 CARLON Andrew Francis  19 Oct 1957Uralla, NSW, Australia I5138
11 CARLON Bridget Magdalen  1972Uralla, NSW, Australia I5139
12 CARLON Catherine Jane  1964Uralla, NSW, Australia I5141
13 CARLON James P  1948Uralla, NSW, Australia I5588
14 CARLON Sarah  1897Uralla, NSW, Australia I5581
15 CARLON Sarah Margaret  4 Oct 1957Uralla, NSW, Australia I4656
16 CARLON Stephen Joseph  1947Uralla, NSW, Australia I4665
17 CARLON Thomas  1925Uralla, NSW, Australia I8520
18 CARLON William  1897Uralla, NSW, Australia I5580
19 CISSON Lydia May  17 Jan 1959Uralla, NSW, Australia I6709
20 CLEARY Thomas  25 Nov 1917Uralla, NSW, Australia I910
21 CORCORAN Leon  1940Uralla, NSW, Australia I4518
22 CORDERY Desmond Henry  14 Apr 2004Uralla, NSW, Australia I8008
23 CROSS Edith A  1890Uralla, NSW, Australia I4436
24 CROSS Edward  1912Uralla, NSW, Australia I4446
25 CROSS Frances A  1896Uralla, NSW, Australia I4439
26 CROSS Thomas F  1915Uralla, NSW, Australia I4438
27 DAWSON Vincent Gregory  1967Uralla, NSW, Australia I1882
28 DONOGHUE Arthur  1920Uralla, NSW, Australia I6850
29 DONOGHUE Arthur Francis  1954Uralla, NSW, Australia I5140
30 DOOLEY Catherine (Kate)  1918Uralla, NSW, Australia I4819
31 EGAN  15 Jul 1919Uralla, NSW, Australia I5163
32 EGAN Ellen  1919Uralla, NSW, Australia I4858
33 EGAN James Patrick  22 Oct 1983Uralla, NSW, Australia I4905
34 EGAN Lena Veronica  10 May 1917Uralla, NSW, Australia I4648
35 EGAN Martin Joseph  17 Aug 1931Uralla, NSW, Australia I4595
36 EGAN Martin Joseph  5 Apr 1955Uralla, NSW, Australia I4645
37 EGAN Mary A  1925Uralla, NSW, Australia I4857
38 FAULKNER Harold Ward  1960Uralla, NSW, Australia I4831
39 FRANCIS Alice  1893Uralla, NSW, Australia I2703
40 FRANCIS Arthur  1895Uralla, NSW, Australia I2704
41 FRANCIS Charles  1892Uralla, NSW, Australia I2702
42 FRANCIS George T  1886Uralla, NSW, Australia I2700
43 FRANCIS Henry  1901Uralla, NSW, Australia I2706
44 FRANCIS Horace  1898Uralla, NSW, Australia I2705
45 FRANCIS Lloyd Joseph  26 Sep 1964Uralla, NSW, Australia I2671
46 GARRAHY Martin  1905Uralla, NSW, Australia I4602
47 GARRAHY Theresa  15 Feb 1941Uralla, NSW, Australia I4601
48 GARRAHY Thomas  1941Uralla, NSW, Australia I6654
49 GLOCK Johanna Rebecca  9 Jun 1890Uralla, NSW, Australia I1041
50 GRIFFIN Margaret Mary  1 Nov 1940Uralla, NSW, Australia I6819

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BISCHOFF Catherine Annie  4 Feb 1937Uralla, NSW, Australia I4633
2 DAWSON Nevan Sylvester  Uralla, NSW, Australia I7525
3 DONOGHUE Myra Vyvyance (Molly)  Jul 1988Uralla, NSW, Australia I4976
4 EGAN Lena Veronica  11 May 1917Uralla, NSW, Australia I4648
5 EGAN Roger Anthony  1993Uralla, NSW, Australia I5056
6 FRANCIS Ephraim Joseph  Uralla, NSW, Australia I2669
7 GARRAHY Theresa  Uralla, NSW, Australia I4601
8 HEFFERNAN Catherine  8 Sep 1896Uralla, NSW, Australia I571
9 HENRY Lucy Margaret  Uralla, NSW, Australia I4625
10 MCGINTY Elizabeth Simona (Mona)  Uralla, NSW, Australia I4669
11 MCNAMARA Mary Elizabeth Ellen  Uralla, NSW, Australia I1883
12 MONCKTON Florence May  Uralla, NSW, Australia I4863
13 RYAN Arthur Ambrose  26 Jul 1964Uralla, NSW, Australia I3893
14 RYAN Bridget  Uralla, NSW, Australia I581
15 RYAN Elizabeth Ellen (Betty)  1 Jul 1935Uralla, NSW, Australia I1681
16 RYAN Ellen  Uralla, NSW, Australia I579
17 RYAN Grace Agnes  Dec 1922Uralla, NSW, Australia I1725
18 RYAN John  14 May 1894Uralla, NSW, Australia I4673
19 RYAN John Joseph  Uralla, NSW, Australia I4618
20 RYAN Katherine Anne  Uralla, NSW, Australia I4585
21 RYAN Patrick Joseph  18 Apr 1941Uralla, NSW, Australia I4896
22 RYAN William Joseph (Wylie)  Mar 1933Uralla, NSW, Australia I4583
23 SCHWILK Ernst Gottlieb  9 May 1876Uralla, NSW, Australia I445
24 TAGGART Alexander T  Jul 1918Uralla, NSW, Australia I1089
25 WALSH (WELSH) Mary Anne  Uralla, NSW, Australia I4611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DAWSON Arthur Charles  1932Uralla, NSW, Australia I704


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLINGHAM / RYAN  1919Uralla, NSW, Australia F2802
2 BOYLE / CROSS  1914Uralla, NSW, Australia F3155
3 BRENNAN / TOWNSEND  1933Uralla, NSW, Australia F4586
4 BULLEN / FRANCIS  4 Jun 1949Uralla, NSW, Australia F5503
5 CAHILL / EGAN  1946Uralla, NSW, Australia F3442
6 CARLON / EGAN  May 1919Uralla, NSW, Australia F3289
7 CARLON / GRIFFIN  12 Oct 1904Uralla, NSW, Australia F4723
8 CARLON / RYAN  1936Uralla, NSW, Australia F3299
9 CHARLSTON / FITZPATRICK  1905Uralla, NSW, Australia F6638
10 CROTTY / MEAD  1907Uralla, NSW, Australia F772
11 DAWSON / CARROLL  1956Uralla, NSW, Australia F1376
12 DAWSON / CROSS  1920Uralla, NSW, Australia F3154
13 DAWSON / MCNAMARA  1916Uralla, NSW, Australia F498
14 DAWSON / RAMPLING  2 Jan 1899Uralla, NSW, Australia F340
15 DAWSON / RYAN  1898Uralla, NSW, Australia F843
16 DONOGHUE / CARLON  1911Uralla, NSW, Australia F3594
17 DOYLE / BRENNAN  1931Uralla, NSW, Australia F4202
18 EGAN / CARLON  1913Uralla, NSW, Australia F3283
19 EGAN / DONOGHUE  19 Jul 1939Uralla, NSW, Australia F3443
20 EGAN / MONCKTON  1930Uralla, NSW, Australia F3291
21 EGAN / RYAN  9 May 1887Uralla, NSW, Australia F3259
22 FAULKNER / SCHWILK  1920Uralla, NSW, Australia F3397
23 FRANCIS / GLOCK  9 May 1883Uralla, NSW, Australia F654
24 FRANCIS / SULLIVAN  20 Nov 1915Uralla, NSW, Australia F1975
25 FRANCIS / WARWICK (TAIT)  17 Dec 1908Uralla, NSW, Australia F1973
26 GLOCK / READING  1939Uralla, NSW, Australia F748
27 HATCH / SHANAHAN  1934Uralla, NSW, Australia F4756
28 HENRY / RYAN  27 Feb 1932Uralla, NSW, Australia F3266
29 LENNON / MILLER  1937Uralla, NSW, Australia F5662
30 MAGENNIS / SCHWILK  1915Uralla, NSW, Australia F3393
31 MALONEY / RYAN  1933Uralla, NSW, Australia F3280
32 MCDONNELL / EGAN  1912Uralla, NSW, Australia F3287
33 MCDONNELL / MCMILLAN  1939Uralla, NSW, Australia F3439
34 MORRIS / TOWNSEND  1925Uralla, NSW, Australia F5963
35 MURRAY / EGAN  8 Feb 1922Uralla, NSW, Australia F3292
36 NAY / EGAN  1913Uralla, NSW, Australia F3285
37 NICHOLS / RYAN  1951Uralla, NSW, Australia F1227
38 PULLEN / GLOCK  1904Uralla, NSW, Australia F742
39 RYAN / CARLON  1939Uralla, NSW, Australia F2801
40 RYAN / COOPER  1931Uralla, NSW, Australia F3230
41 RYAN / MCCROHON  1934Uralla, NSW, Australia F3278
42 SCHWILK / BULLEN  1890Uralla, NSW, Australia F779
43 SHANAHAN / EGAN  8 Jan 1870Uralla, NSW, Australia F3294
44 SHANAHAN / MCNEIL  1915Uralla, NSW, Australia F3554
45 SHANAHAN / POST  19 Oct 1904Uralla, NSW, Australia F4670
46 SHANAHAN / POST  1925Uralla, NSW, Australia F3555
47 SHEARER / DAWSON  1949Uralla, NSW, Australia F1375
48 SKEWES / FRANCIS  27 Nov 1951Uralla, NSW, Australia F5112
49 SWILKS / ROSSINGTON  1917Uralla, NSW, Australia F3392
50 SWILKS / TOWNSEND  1927Uralla, NSW, Australia F3395

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