Tottenham, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HOOTON Anne  6 Nov 1829Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7942
2 HOOTON Charles  1852Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7976
3 HOOTON Daniel  19 Feb 1826Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7364
4 HOOTON Eliza  6 Nov 1838Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7971
5 HOOTON Elizabeth  1846Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7974
6 HOOTON Elizabeth (Betsy)  14 Jun 1838Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7966
7 HOOTON Frederic  1851Tottenham, Middlesex, England I15916
8 HOOTON George  25 Jan 1836Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7964
9 HOOTON Harriet  8 Apr 1834Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7963
10 HOOTON Henry  19 Nov 1843Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7973
11 HOOTON John  13 Jul 1841Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7968
12 HOOTON John  1848Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7975
13 HOOTON Joseph R  17 Nov 1827Tottenham, Middlesex, England I4557
14 HOOTON Maria  19 Mar 1827Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7983
15 HOOTON Maria  13 Jul 1841Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7967
16 HOOTON Richard  5 Jan 1832Tottenham, Middlesex, England I4583
17 HOOTON Sarah  c1867Tottenham, Middlesex, England I12788


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FROST Maria  Feb 1845Tottenham, Middlesex, England I4562