Tottenham, Middlesex, England



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HOOTON Anne  6 Nov 1829Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7942
2 HOOTON Charles  1852Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7976
3 HOOTON Daniel  19 Feb 1826Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7364
4 HOOTON Eliza  6 Nov 1838Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7971
5 HOOTON Elizabeth  1846Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7974
6 HOOTON Elizabeth (Betsy)  14 Jun 1838Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7966
7 HOOTON George  25 Jan 1836Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7964
8 HOOTON Harriet  8 Apr 1834Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7963
9 HOOTON Henry  19 Nov 1843Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7973
10 HOOTON John  13 Jul 1841Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7968
11 HOOTON John  1848Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7975
12 HOOTON Joseph R  17 Nov 1827Tottenham, Middlesex, England I4557
13 HOOTON Maria  19 Mar 1827Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7983
14 HOOTON Maria  13 Jul 1841Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7967
15 HOOTON Richard  5 Jan 1832Tottenham, Middlesex, England I4583
16 HOOTON Sarah  c1867Tottenham, Middlesex, England I12788