Lismore, NSW, Australia


Tree: The Tree of Him

City/Town : Latitude: -28.8279803, Longitude: 153.28571650000004

Tree: The Tree of Me

City/Town : Latitude: -28.8279803, Longitude: 153.28571650000004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRYANT David John  28 Aug 1967Lismore, NSW, Australia I8715
2 BRYANT Eileen Annie  21 Mar 1913Lismore, NSW, Australia I8506
3 BRYANT Raymond John  25 Nov 1918Lismore, NSW, Australia I8516
4 CAVE Eldred John  1913Lismore, NSW, Australia I4082
5 FORD  1933Lismore, NSW, Australia I11052
6 FORD Mary J  1915Lismore, NSW, Australia I9495
7 FORD William George  13 Apr 1913Lismore, NSW, Australia I9494
8 GILBERT Clifford William  23 Nov 1916Lismore, NSW, Australia I15283
9 GLUTH Frances Jannette  7 Mar 1945Lismore, NSW, Australia I10783
10 GRAHAM Alfred A  1898Lismore, NSW, Australia I11885
11 GRAHAM Annie M  1902Lismore, NSW, Australia I11577
12 GRAHAM Bertha  1900Lismore, NSW, Australia I11578
13 GRAHAM Charles Stanley  1885Lismore, NSW, Australia I5377
14 GRAHAM Ernest J  1896Lismore, NSW, Australia I11884
15 GRAHAM George A  1894Lismore, NSW, Australia I11576
16 GRAHAM William John  1891Lismore, NSW, Australia I6356
17 GRIMMETT Melissa Stephanie  24 Nov 1995Lismore, NSW, Australia I8848
18 HINDMARSH Frederick James  1904Lismore, NSW, Australia I5161
19 HINDMARSH John B  7 Jul 1906Lismore, NSW, Australia I5163
20 HINDMARSH Valerie Florence Gertrude  1905Lismore, NSW, Australia I5162
21 MULCAHY Mary Rebecca  24 Feb 1917Lismore, NSW, Australia I8462
22 NEUKOM Ernest Clive (Sam)  1904Lismore, NSW, Australia I5891
23 RIORDAN John Riverston  1895Lismore, NSW, Australia I5888
24 SCULLY Alan Joseph  17 Aug 1912Lismore, NSW, Australia I8757
25 WATERS Stella L  1909Lismore, NSW, Australia I1747
26 WINDLEY Alexander Walter  19 Oct 1919Lismore, NSW, Australia I10812
27 WITHERS Ellen Margaret  1898Lismore, NSW, Australia I9818


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dorothea Jane  22 Nov 1994Lismore, NSW, Australia I7572
2 ALLEN Peter Charles Walter  22 Apr 1999Lismore, NSW, Australia I6547
3 BATES John Robert Erwin  11 Jun 1941Lismore, NSW, Australia I9985
4 BATES Vernon Robert Erwin  8 Jun 1970Lismore, NSW, Australia I7844
5 BRYANT Eileen Annie  30 Jan 1989Lismore, NSW, Australia I8506
6 BRYANT Raymond John  26 Feb 2003Lismore, NSW, Australia I8516
7 CAMPBELL Colin Roy  1963Lismore, NSW, Australia I5422
8 CARPENTER Harry  2 Jan 1943Lismore, NSW, Australia I7735
9 CHAMBERS Herbert Henry  5 Dec 1972Lismore, NSW, Australia I4647
10 DONOGHUE Kathleen  1941Lismore, NSW, Australia I6976
11 FORD  1933Lismore, NSW, Australia I11052
12 FORD Mary J  1916Lismore, NSW, Australia I9495
13 GRIMMETT Melissa Stephanie  24 Nov 1995Lismore, NSW, Australia I8848
14 HEADRICK Agnes  5 Nov 1978Lismore, NSW, Australia I8225
15 HINDMARSH Edward James  Feb 1944Lismore, NSW, Australia I5170
16 HINDMARSH Frederick James  30 Apr 1985Lismore, NSW, Australia I5161
17 HINDMARSH Herbert Edward  8 Nov 1952Lismore, NSW, Australia I4422
18 HINDMARSH John Walter Nesbit  30 Oct 1999Lismore, NSW, Australia I5168
19 HINDMARSH Valerie Florence Gertrude  22 Jul 1989Lismore, NSW, Australia I5162
20 HOOTON Angel Violet Beatrice  1975Lismore, NSW, Australia I4762
21 KERR Leila Jeanne  9 Mar 1995Lismore, NSW, Australia I3673
22 LAUGHER Charles Bertram Blacket (Bert)  6 May 1965Lismore, NSW, Australia I7744
23 MCLENNAN Ida Vera  21 Feb 1999Lismore, NSW, Australia I5212
24 MULCAHY Unnamed  1939Lismore, NSW, Australia I11182
25 NUTT Ernest William  13 Jul 1984Lismore, NSW, Australia I6843
26 PARKER Annie Marie  17 May 1964Lismore, NSW, Australia I7743
27 PARKER Henrietta Margaret Adeline  30 Apr 1975Lismore, NSW, Australia I7734
28 PAYNE John Atholstien  19 Nov 1978Lismore, NSW, Australia I8413
29 PEARSON Lindsay Harold George  1942Lismore, NSW, Australia I7573
30 RICE Ross Gordon  5 Apr 2002Lismore, NSW, Australia I66
31 SCARRABELOTTI Mary Madeline  2 Jul 2003Lismore, NSW, Australia I7608
32 SCHEEF John Christian Jacob  17 Jun 1979Lismore, NSW, Australia I1065
33 SCULLY James Joseph  26 Jul 1926Lismore, NSW, Australia I11948
34 SMITH Edward Joseph  2 Sep 1995Lismore, NSW, Australia I8269
35 SMITH Matilda  2 Mar 1921Lismore, NSW, Australia I8373
36 WANN Evelyn  30 Aug 1992Lismore, NSW, Australia I8559
37 WANN Heather  23 Aug 1991Lismore, NSW, Australia I8560
38 WATERS Stella L  1909Lismore, NSW, Australia I1747
39 WILLIAMS Beatrice Muriel Jane  20 Jan 1981Lismore, NSW, Australia I5880
40 WILLIAMS George  24 Jul 1950Lismore, NSW, Australia I5760
41 WRIGHT Eliza Jane  7 Jan 1973Lismore, NSW, Australia I9037
42 YATES Irene Pearl  14 May 1985Lismore, NSW, Australia I1107


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BATES John Robert Erwin  12 Jun 1941Lismore, NSW, Australia I9985
2 FORD Mary J  1916Lismore, NSW, Australia I9495
3 HEADRICK Agnes  6 Nov 1978Lismore, NSW, Australia I8225
4 MULCAHY Unnamed  1939Lismore, NSW, Australia I11182


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRYANT / MULCAHY  19 Jun 1940Lismore, NSW, Australia F5466
2 DAWSON / DAVIS  1934Lismore, NSW, Australia F43
3 DAWSON / FITZGERALD  1927Lismore, NSW, Australia F46
4 GILBERT / WILLIAMS  10 May 1913Lismore, NSW, Australia F3741
5 HENDLEY / OLIVE  1920Lismore, NSW, Australia F6135
6 HINDMARSH / WEST  1938Lismore, NSW, Australia F3473
7 HOOTON / DAVIS  1929Lismore, NSW, Australia F4269
8 KLEIN / FLYNN  1907Lismore, NSW, Australia F3479
9 LAUGHER / PARKER  1915Lismore, NSW, Australia F5204
10 MULCAHY / BRYANT  23 Apr 1935Lismore, NSW, Australia F5464
11 MUNCE / GRAHAM  28 Oct 1938Lismore, NSW, Australia F184
12 NUTT / HINDMARSH  5 Jan 1948Lismore, NSW, Australia F4036
13 PEARSON /   1934Lismore, NSW, Australia F3487
14 ROACH / WANN  25 Aug 1950Lismore, NSW, Australia F5539
15 SOMERVILLE / LYONS  1910Lismore, NSW, Australia F5273